View Full Version : Her laughter, her tears, my fears.

10-16-05, 12:33 AM
Who do I ask...eight thousand members?
Maybe one will know.
I've found many answers here before.

She cried. She laughed. She got angry. All on a Friday afternoon.
Her hands...her arms made great gesture as she rambled out loud about nothing....
about everything.
The people.....they saw her as they dined and they turned away,
They did not know how..or what. And I tried to remain
composed. But I don't know how....or what to do either.

I love her so much. I tried to help her.
We saw a doctor....he told me with his eyes. She is so ill.
And I know she won't have her prescription filled. And now she won't answer her phone.
I think I know what she was trying to say to me....and I'm listening.
I can feel her.
She let me in...but now I am so afraid for her...afraid for me.
What do I do?

I don't know what to do.
I just don't know what to do.
Please help me help her..
tell me what to do.

10-16-05, 12:43 AM
Gourmet, is she at risk of harming herself or others?

10-16-05, 01:12 AM
All I know is that I can't lose her. I'll die if I lose her.
I don't want to seem overly dramatic and sound selfish, because this is not all about me.
But I am scared to death for her.
And I'm scared to death to lose her in any respect...whether it is due to her sanity, or her harm.

I can't answer any of your questions because there could be many answers.
My parents are out of town, my husband is out of town, and I don't know where she is.
Do you know anything about this...when I find her, what do I do?
I'm no good for anyone right now but I'll get it back together.

10-16-05, 01:30 AM
Is there a twenty-four hour crisis line in your community?

10-16-05, 10:50 AM
You'd better hug her and tell her what she means to you.

You've past the polite stage, now is time for all the truths.

10-16-05, 11:19 AM
DId I read that correctly?

Her doctor won't answer the phone (calls)?

10-16-05, 11:23 AM
I don't think so but I'm having difficulty reading the message but I think that BOTH ImnApl and Liz have the right "idea"...The person in question potentially should NOT be alone and Gourmet should NOT being doing this alone.

just my 2 cents

10-17-05, 01:26 AM
Hey...thanks to those of you who are concerned.

She returned my call and I'll see her tomorrow.
I apologize for being unclear. Forgive all the "hers" and "she's" because I know they are confusing.
Let me start over.

While having lunch together, she began some behavior that is not all together foreign to me. Only this time she was out of control in public...and I've never seen her do this.
She agreed to let me call a doctor. My own doctor saw her and wants her to see a psychiatrist. My doctor prescribed the drug Abilify and one other..I can't remember what. He told her to take these to calm her down until she can get an appointment with the psychiatrist.
While in my doctor's office I saw her through his eyes and I became clearly aware of the seriousness of her condition.

When we checked out, we looked at her file which revealed that she also has ADD like me. But she also has other things going on now that are much more serious. He told her that she was manic.

No insurance. When I see her tomorrow I'll see if she will let me buy her medicine this time.
Ultimately, if I want her to be healthy and in my life, I feel like it is my responsibility to stay behind her and make sure she gets it.

She calls me when she's in trouble.
She told me she was not suicidal, but has been before. Because of her impulsive nature I have every reason to fear for her safety.

If you have information to offer on how a crisis hotline works and when this measure should be taken, I'd appreciate it.

If anyone can offer information on Abilify....she is scared to take it and asked me to do some research.
That's where my time goes now.

thanks y'all.

10-17-05, 01:37 AM
For you crime scene..she gets many hugs and hears often what she means to me and how much I love her. <3

10-17-05, 07:14 AM

You are doing the best you can do by being there for her.......

You cant burden yourself with the responcibillity for her life as you need to keep yourself on the level to be there when she calls out to you.

Just be there and let her know your inner feelings and that you really care

The way I know you do............

10-17-05, 02:15 PM
I have a friend who was in the same situation a couple of months ago. When she didn't come to work and didn't take any phone calls I called the police to do a safety check on her. Luckily, she was extremely low but not out and saw my intervention as a loving gesture and not another attempt by someone to control her.

She is safely tucked away in a half way house where she is not only beating her demons, but her addictions and learning to live a healthy, successful life.

I miss tons and tons but sometimes in order to do the right thing you have to let go.

10-17-05, 05:02 PM
Thank you.....really feeling the support here.

I am cosidering is wonderful news if someone is able to get a correct diagnosis.
Because no matter how scary the diagnosis may sound it is a blessing if it gets you on the right track.
And we are so fortunate that someone was able to see her today.
She liked him..he seems on top of things, and I hope she'll have success. He gave her the medicine he wants her to take and I feel really good about that.
It's so hard to see loved ones go through this kind of thing.
But we are trying lunch again tomorrow...I think she's going to be okay.