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09-23-03, 11:50 AM
If you've had your computer for while and have installed or uninstalled a few programs than it's more than likely that Windows Registry is a bit bloated.

I've tried a bunch of different Registry clean-up tools. They all work to an extent.

The best one I've found is from Macecraft Software. It will find hundreds more irrelevant entries even after running other cleaners.

It's shareware with a 30-day free trial.
There are two programs for download right now.

RegSupreme is the superior standalone, ultra fast and lightweight registry cleaner. With its brand new technology registry cleaning engine the RegSupreme represents a new generation of Windows registry cleaners. Of course, don't just believe us, try it yourself and we are sure you will be amazed by RegSupreme's speed and performance!

Key features
Clean your computer's registry with one of the most advanced registry cleaner available today
Very easy to use, no knowledge of the registry is required
Automatically tries to fix the found problems
Multi-lingual user interface, you can use the program in all the major languages but also to translate it to your own language very easily
Automatic backup feature backups everything the program removes or modifies
Comes with a full documentation
And for more advanced users

jv16 PowerTools

full list of features

Registry manager (Screenshot)
List installed software, even those not in Windows' Add/Remove list
Find and remove hidden traces of any installed software
Add or remove programs which automatically start with Windows
Uninstall or remove software from the Windows' Add/Remove software list
Remove the operating system's interface features you don't need
Remove unneeded file types
Remove or modify unneeded shell extensions
Remove items from the IE's context (right click) menu
Modify the Windows' Open With menu
Automatically creates backups from entries you remove

Registry cleaner (Screenshot)
Automatically finds all kinds of invalid and obsolete data from the registry, such as:
Invalid file paths
Obsolete file extensions
Obsolete software entries
Broken font entries
Unneeded start menu order entries
Broken OLE / DDE interface entries
Invalid help file entries
Obsolete Windows' Add/Remove menu items
Invalid Open With entries
Nonworking shared components
Can also fix many common registry based problems
Allows you to ignore specific entries
Easily study the found items by using Windows Explorer or RegEdit
Can ignore MRU (Most Recently Used) lists
Automatically creates backups from entries you remove or change

Registry finder (Screenshot)
Allows you to search the registry with one or with multiple search words simultaneously
Search and replace from the registry
Automatically creates backups from entries change or remove

Registry monitor (Screenshot)
Allows you to monitor what's going on inside the registry
Undo the changes or remove the changed entries
Automatically creates backups from entries change or remove

File tool (Screenshot)
Find many kind of files easily, such as:
Duplicate files
Zero length files
Temporarily used files
Broken shortcuts
Files with a specific size
Unused shared DLL component files
System DLL files
Can also find files based on your search word or words
Can search under many directories and drives simultaneously
Shows additional information from many file types, such as:
Executables (EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL, DRV, SCR)
Mass rename files with one of the most advanced file renamer
Change attributes of thousands of files with a single click
Find and replace text within one or multiple text files
Combine files together
Securely encrypt your files so other users can't read or access them
Securely wipe sensitive files so they cannot be restored by any means
Automatic backup feature creates backups of the files you remove

Directory tool (Screenshot)
Find directories based on one or multiple search words
Find empty directories
List the content of the directories

File cleaner
Finds unneeded files, such as:
Temporarily used files
Unneeded shared DLL and other component files
Broken shortcuts from the Windows' start menu
Automatic backup feature creates backups of the files you remove

Start menu cleaner
Finds all the broken shortcuts from Windows' start menu with a one mouse click
Automatic backup feature creates backups of the files you remove

DLL cleaner
Finds all the Unneeded shared DLL and other component files with just a one mouse click
Automatic backup feature creates backups of the files you remove

Script manager
Helps you to organize your jv16 PowerTools script files (.jvb)
or Execute scripts
Shows additional information about the script files

Script editor
Allows you to edit your jv16 PowerTools script files very easily
Built in help panel automatically shows the commands' syntax while you are writing it!
Run scripts while editing them

Script wizard
Allows you to create even the most complex jv16 PowerTools script files with just a few mouse clicks
Does not require any programming or scripting experience
Can also automate the execution of scripts, such as
Run the script when the computer starts
When you log in to the computer
Or when jv16 PowerTools is started or closed

Backup tool (Screenshot)
Helps you to handle and organize your backups
Combine backups together
Edit backups
Restore backups or only certain parts of them!

Other features
Supports custom, user made scripts. See the full list of script commands from the manual.
Supports advanced automation methods, including command line and script file based automation. See the list of command line automation options.
Can be run directly from a CD-ROM or other such media, doesn't require any kind of installation.
Supports custom user accounts with custom user rights management, you can define which users can use which tools or password protect the whole program.
Internet Update automatically shows what's the latest version of the software.
Multi-lingual GUI based on translation files, you can use the program in your own language, edit the translated version or translate it yourself very easily!
Custom, user defined keyboard shortcuts.
Partially user defined menus in different windows.
Supports distributed configuration, all the program's used directories can be changed.
Supports all character sets.
Allows you to change the program's used font.

09-23-03, 04:07 PM
Some people don't like it but I find Windoctor (comes with Norton System Works) fixes most of my registry issues... I don't recommend using it if you aren't at least an intermediate computer user, as the program is not omniscient.