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10-20-05, 12:27 AM
My four year old son has just been diagnosed with BP, he also has ADHD. He has been taken off of the ADHD meds and placed on a mood stabilizer. I am just looking for another parent to talk to that has a young child with BP, I need some words of encouragement.



10-20-05, 02:05 AM

My mother is BP and the doctor said I'm ADHD. I haven't been informed about how toddlers react with BP. All I can say is stay on top of the situation. Whatever you do...Don't get discuraged! Your child is very precious and I'm sure you have the mother instinct to know what is right for your child. Get as much information and resources as you can for your son so you have all the knowledge to make your home a happy home. This doesn't have to be a bad think. Just get educated about it.