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10-21-05, 04:04 AM
I'm Jan. I am diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. I also used to be diagnosed as Social Phobic because I have all the symptoms, but that diagnosis has been removed recently. I believe this must be a technicality because of the AS diagnosis, because my fears of people have only grown steadily worse. Have had frequent panics attacks since I was 13. When I get exhausted in a public place sometimes I "zone out" and go inside my head and can't communicate. I went the therapy-and-meds route like I believed I was supposed to, it doesn't always work. The shrink says I'm a non-responder to medication. I have never felt so depressed as now. I am a broken, defective, useless thing. I'm so tired of life-of trying, and failing.

10-21-05, 06:18 AM
Hiya there Jan...

I haven't a clue, how you feel/cope/deal with Asperger's Syndrome... i'm not educated in that Disorder?
But i do have ADHD and suffer with Chronic Depression....
On top of my Health problems, i have five challenging Children (5,10,12,14,16).. 3 of which are already diagnosed with ADHD and Conducts Disorder and 2 yet to be diagnosed (one with ADHD and another with ADD).
My Now ex-husband left some 3-4 years ago (i can't be exact, as my life doesn't seem to have any realism for time) ; Time seems to go by so quickly and things never seem to get done/started/finished that the time element, has no real meaning!
Some days i feel so alone, lost, wanting this living nightmare to end.
All my Relationships i've treasured in the past, have died... except the one with my Father, who i see every other sunday, but at times, even that relationship has been stretched to the limits.
I've had Boyfriends since my ex husband, but with little success, as i've either got bored(ADHD trait) or, they annoy me incredibly, due to the My ADHD.
So i know the feeling of Self Pity... Though i'm not too sure, if it's a healthy way of dealing with the situation/s.
I think it's great to have a moan on here... though i have very few close people to talk to.
But letting go of your feelings on here can be very theraputive.. Well i feel it is!
There is always someone worse off and i know, that's not a nice way of seeing life into perspective, but it's true ;There is always someone worse off.
After all, we are Alive.. We just need to make the Best of what we have.

Jan hunny i send you a warming Caring (((HUG))).. and i'll catch up with you later... for now, i need to go out..Things to do and People to see.

10-29-05, 01:19 AM
Hi karennerak,
Thanks for your reply. I've been taking St. John's wort for a week and feel much better now.