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The Case of Beth Garrison (PG-13)

(WARNING! This story is based on something that happened to a young gal in my martial arts class. It is graphic and may bring up issues for anyone who has been attacked. When I heard what had happened to her, this story began to form. I have taken liberties with the who/what/where and how but the main fact that she was attacked and by a prominent person in our community is true.)

Part 1

Beth Garrison was a sophomore at Hillside High School and she had a date that night with Bobby Callahan, captain of the football team, son of a wealthy attorney, drop-dead gorgeous with dark hair, dark eyes and dimples. And he was taking Beth out on a date this Friday.

Beth was the middle child of Harald and Mary Lou Garrison, an insurance salesman and teacher. Her older brother was away at college and her younger brother was just into Middle School. Her parents were unsure about letting Beth go out on a date at the age of 16 but Bobby Callahan seemed like a nice boy. He showed up at 6:30 and called Harald "Sir" and Mary Lou "Ma’am" and brought Beth a small bouquet of flowers. He promised to have her home no later than 11:00 that evening and Mary Lou was impressed that he held the door open for her daughter.

The 2003 the dark green Camaro convertible had a black leather interior and Beth loved the feel of the wind blowing in her hair. Bobby took her to The Olive Garden and then to Movies 10. "Under A Tuscan Sky" was playing and even though it was "chick-flick", Bobby didn't seem to mind. They shared a bucket of popcorn and she felt a tingle when his hand brushed hers in the tub. He let his fingers linger on hers and she blushed bright red. She was glad the theater was dark and he couldn't see.

Bobby had been perfect gentlemen all during dinner and the movie and when he suggested they drive up the hill to a special place she agreed. They motored west of town and up into the foothills. Bobby pulled into a vacant lot overlooking the city and told Beth that someday he was going to be a famous lawyer like his father and build a big house on the hill. He talked about having lots of kids; he said he liked kids and Beth thought she was in a fairy-tale.

Bobby slid his arm around Beth and she leaned against his shoulder as they watched the lights of the city glitter below them. He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. He wasn't the first boy to kiss her but he was Bobby Callahan and Beth felt a thrill run through her body. She returned the kiss and let it linger for a moment. Bobby put his other hand on her arm and, pulling her close, they began to kiss in earnest. Long and slow.

Beth was in heaven. It was just like she had imagined it until Bobby's hand brushed her breast causing her to jerk away. He said he was sorry, it was an accident and she smiled and said it was all right. Bobby leaned in and started kissing her again and Beth slipped into the romance. Suddenly Bobby's hand was behind her head, pulling her harder into him. His tongue probed at her mouth as his hand settled on her breast again and squeezed. Beth yelped, jumped a bit and said, "Bobby. No."

Bobby didn't say anything but Beth saw a sly grin cross his face. His hand gripped the back of her neck harder and he mashed his mouth into hers. She started to struggle, saying "Bobby! No! I'm scared! Stop!" But Bobby didn't listen. When Beth tried to push him away, he punched her in the jaw, nearly knocking her out. Next thing Beth knew, Bobby had climbed over the seat and was straddling her. She tried to cry out but he slapped her face several times. She started to cry when she heard Bobby laugh and call her a "*****" and a "tease".

The shame and humiliation overwhelmed her as she felt Bobby pull her dress up and her panties down. She wondered if her parents would blame her as Bobby had his way with her. She felt like she would die when Bobby hopped back in the driver’s seat, zipped up and asked, "Good for you?"

As he pulled up in front of her house he told her that if she told anyone what had happened his daddy would see to it that her father's business would dry up and everyone would know Beth was a **** who liked to be slapped around. As she watched Bobby speed away she looked at her watch. He was true to his word. It was 11:00 p.m.

She ran into the house and went straight to the bathroom. Locking the door she turned the shower on full blast and tried to wash Bobby off of her. When her parents finally broke the door down they found her sobbing in the tub, the hot water growing cold. Thirty minutes later, a dripping wet Beth sat on a cold, sterile bed at the local hospital.

An hour later, Doctor Henry Kim and Nurse Able called Harald and Mary Lou into the examination room. Beth, a virgin, had been forcibly raped and beaten, they said. They would like to see her again in a week and again in a month. They would run a test to see if she had contracted an STD and to see if she was pregnant. Harald, already in contact with his attorney, had asked for a written affidavit stating the facts the doctor had just told him. The doctor and nurse obliged and Harald's attorney walked away with a signed and notarized document.

Mary Lou just couldn't understand why such a nice boy like Bobby would do such a thing. She was horrified when she thought her daughter might have led him own and then immediately dismissed the thought. She and Harald had raised their children right. They weren't wealthy but they weren’t charity cases either. They attended the Presbyterian Church every Sunday. Harald was a member of Hillside East Rotary. Mary Lou served on the PTA. They were an average, middle-class family. Why did this have to happen to them?

Beth heard all the doctor had said as she sat on the examination table. It had been almost as horrible as the attack. The nurse was nice, though, holding her hand and talking softly to her but all Beth could think of was that she was being violated again. She caught sight of the promise ring on her left ring finger and started to cry again. She had received it from her father on her 16th birthday just last month. She had promised him she would remain a virgin until she was married. Now the ring was useless; in her mind, a promise broken. How could Bobby do this to her?

Early Monday morning, Harald left early and met his Attorney for breakfast. The lawyer had been working all weekend and felt they had a case against Bobby Callahan. They had an appointment with the boy and his father, Michael Callahan, at 11:00 a.m. It didn't go well. Harald's attorney slid a file across to Michael and his attorneys; it contained the sworn affidavits of the doctor and nurse as well as the sworn statement Beth had given to the police. In turn, Michael's attorney smugly slid a folder across the table. It contained a sworn affidavit from the doctor and nurse stating that, upon examination of Beth Garrison, they determined she had not been virgin and there was evidence of previous sexual activity as well as evidence of an abortion.

The folder also contained sworn affidavits of several male students from Beth's school that painted her as a wild-child who liked rough sex and to tease. Michael Callahan alluded to the fact that this information would probably find it's way to the media should Harald continue to pursue this course of action. Harald, unable to fight financially, nor wanting to put his daughter and family through this personal assault, gave in. His heart broke for his daughter and his anger rose at the injustice of it all.

Mary Lou went into depression and Beth dropped out of school. Harald hired a tutor to home school Beth and a psychiatrist to treat both Beth and Mary Lou. Bobby Callahan graduated that year and enrolled in the local Jr. College in the Pre-Law program. He looked dashing in his graduation gown with his new girlfriend, a dark-haired beauty, on his arm. Life went on for everyone except the Garrisons.

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Part 2

Twelve months later, Beth was sitting in her counselor’s office, clenching her fists. Patricia Cove sat and waited while her young patient figured out what to say.

"I want to learn how to protect myself", Beth finally said, looking up at Patricia. “I never want this to happen again.”

"My husband knows a martial arts instructor here in town that specializes in self-defense for women and children."

She handed Beth his card and the next day she signed up for training. Master Jim set her up with Linda, a green-belt who, when told Beth's story, took her on as a special assignment. Other people in the class were told she was under special "Angel Protection", a code word in the school that told the male students to stay away.

For three months, Linda trained Beth. The young girl, heavily motivated, took to the training fast. She learned quickly and grew in confidence. One Thursday night, Linda was late and Beth sat on the sideline watching the other students work through their forms and their techniques.

One of the black belts, a 40-year-old, blond haired man named Scott Wakefield, had, after that night's class, asked Linda what Beth's story was. As Linda spelled it out in brief, Scott became very angry. By the time he'd left the school that night, a plan was beginning to form in his mind.

Scott Wakefield earned his money the old fashioned way. He won the California State Lottery when he was 33 and walked away with 10-million dollars. Wisely, he invested and the money grew. Wanting to give back to society, he moved to the small town of Reddington in Northern California and started "The Foundation". Not wanting to draw attention to himself but to those to whom his money would help, Scott stayed in the background and let the Board of Directors become the face of The Foundation.

When Scott was 20, he dropped out of college and joined the Army. The military taught him how to fly helicopters and after six years, Scott took his leave and became a fixed wing pilot as well. His best friend from high school was also in the military and had been tapped for Special Forces. Scott had kept close contact with Tom Coring for many years.

Scott had also hired people to run The Foundation that he had met through the years. One was a computer nut. Another had become a private investigator in the San Francisco Bay Area. Another was a sharp attorney he had enticed away from a prestigious law firm in L.A. It was these people he put on the trail of Michael and Bobby Callahan even though at the time, he didn't know their names.

The breakthrough came through a contact the P.I. had with the local Police Department. Apparently the original report of Beth's attack had been buried at the request of the City Managers office and the Chief of Police. A copy of it crossed Scott's desk and he added it to the file of Beth Garrison. It had a name and that name got the case started in earnest.

Michael Garrison was a very smart attorney and after several years in Sacramento, he moved his family north. After establishing a growing and wealthy clientele, Michael was appointed to the State Superior Court in Reddington. His power and influence grew and it was rumored but never confirmed that he had supported the local Sheriff, several Supervisors and a couple of State Congressmen in their bids for elected office. He had developed a teflon coating that extended to his only son, Bobby.

The P.I., Charlie Grady, did some more digging and found out that daddy had bailed/bought Bobby out of several indiscretions over the years. Apparently, Bobby could do no wrong in daddy's eyes. His attack on Beth wasn't the first and Grady interviewed four other young women about their encounters with Bobby Callahan dating back to seventh grade.

Tom Coring showed up with a black bag after a phone call from his friend Scott. The two had a nice reunion and when Tom left, Bobby's car, apartment and clothing had been bugged, his home phone and cell phone had been tapped and his apartment had three surveillance cameras installed. Martha Boudine, the computer geek with the round, cherubic face, linked everything together at The Foundation's main office.

Madeline Batista, Attorney at Law, reminded Scott that not everything he was doing was above-board. Scott smiled and said what he had in mind would never go to court. Madeline shook her head but continued to build the case against Michael and Bobby Callahan.

Bobby's professor at the local Jr. College was a cousin of Scott's wife. Marcus Gibson knew of Bobby and had developed an opinion of him as a spoiled brat long before Scott brought him into his little scheme.

A new student sat down next to Bobby Callahan. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. He looked older than Bobby but not by much. The two struck up a fast friendship when they realized they had so much in common. Bobby invited his older friend to his apartment for parties and the two studied and hung out together. Bobby was fascinated by his new friend’s money and the ease in which he moved through life.

After finals, Bobby and his friend wound up at Billy Bombay's to celebrate. Bobby had a few tequila shooters and was wowing the girls on the dance floor as his friend sat in the booth and chuckled at Bobby’s antics.

"I think she likes you", his friend said, pointing to a brunette at the bar. The woman was giving Bobby the come-hither look. Bobby grinned but stated he liked them young and fresh, not worn out like the brunette. His new friend admitted he liked them young too. Especially virgins. Bobby got excited and told him the story of how he'd popped four cherries before he was a Junior in high school.

A few more drinks later and Bobby's friend suggested he drive the young man home. Bobby agreed, not wanting to damage his new Corvette convertible. "Chick Magnet" he had joked. "The young ones get wet when they see it!" Bobby's new friend just smiled and sped out of town, up into the foothills. Bobby wondered where they were going but his friend asked him about some of his encounters and how he dealt with their parents.

Bobby ran off at the mouth, admitting daddy protected him and intimidated the parents. Especially this one young hot thing he'd "banged". Bobby explained how young Beth put up a struggle but he "made her see it his way" and pantomimed a punch to the face. Bobby's friend laughed along with Bobby as the Corvette pulled into a vacant lot overlooking the city.

Bobby got excited in his semi-intoxicated state. He claimed that this was the very spot he'd busted Beth's cherry then wondered why he was there. Bobby's friend sat up on the back of the seat and lit a cigarette. It was the first time Bobby had seen him buddy smoke. As his friend blew smoke into the air, three people materialized out of the darkness. They were all wearing black. Black shoes, black pants, black shirts and black masks. Bobby sobered up suddenly and became very scared.

Bobby's friend sat quietly in the Corvette as Bobby was manhandled out of the car and placed on his feet. He put up a false bravado, taunting the people in front of him. Too late he realized one of the people was a woman. Leaning in he made a rude comment about what he'd like to do to her. Her hand shot out fast and smashed into his groin. When she crushed his left testicle in her right hand, Bobby thought he was going to die.

He dropped to the ground and immediately vomited up the dinner and alcohol he had consumed hours earlier. One of the men stood him up, leaning him against the Corvette. He leaned in and whispered, "This is for all the girls you've loved before" and hammered him in the jaw. Bobby's friend heard the bone break. As Bobby dropped to the ground, the third man grabbed Bobby’s hair, yanking his head back and *****-slapped him several times asking if it was "good for him?"

Bobby's friend dropped him off in front of his apartment, tossed the keys to 'Vette on his lap, got into a black van and roared off into the night. Bobby never saw his friend from school after that night.


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Part 3

Scott Wakefield and his attorney, Madeline Batista, knocked on Harald and Mary Lou's door at 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. Five minutes later they were sitting around the kitchen table as Scott laid out his plan and the information he had gathered. An hour later, Harald's attorney showed up and the story was told again. A plan was set in motion and for the first time in over a year; Harald and Mary Lou felt like justice was going to be done.

Monday morning at 11:00, Michael Callahan stood on the front steps of the Superior Court. His wife and heavily bandaged son stood with him, along with the County Sheriff, two County Supervisors and the State Assemblyman from District Two who was retiring this year, leaving his Congressional seat up for grabs. Michael made his announcement that he was running for Dick Robinson's seat in Sacramento among applause from the audience gathered. The media stepped up and asked the usual questions about why and Michael said he was running on a platform of law and order. Even his own son wasn't immune to the vagaries of crime and had been beaten and mugged because of who he was.

A long, blond-haired reporter from the local newstalk station raised his hand and Michael recognized him with a nod. Steve Garson asked if there was any truth to the rumor that his son had been accused of rape. Michael's face flushed and said those charges had been false and the accuser was just after his money. Steve asked if he knew about hush-money paid to some doctors at the local hospital and if he was going to go after those who would peddle influence. Michael's eyes narrowed and said all law breakers were within the scope of his platform.

Michael Callahan took no more questions and rushed off the steps back inside the courthouse. Scott Wakefield, standing in the back, made eye contact with Steve Garson. Garson nodded and headed back to his vehicle, a fat folder under his arm. Inside the courthouse, Callahan was fuming. He railed at his aides. He accused his son of shooting off his mouth to his new buddy who had suddenly disappeared. He grabbed the Sheriff and demand he get control of the situation and fast or his next campaign would have to look elsewhere for money!

Bobby, still in pain and unable to talk wondered why this was happening to him. After all, rank has its privileges, right? What's the use of having money and power if you can't exert it to get what you want? A twisted smile crossed his broken face as he remembered Beth crying "no" and "Stop". There was nothing she could do about it then and there was nothing she could about it now. Bobby was protected.

The questions asked by Steve Garson found their way to the editor of the local paper. She was new in town and, unlike the former editor, didn't know which way the wind blew. This was good for Harald, Mary Lou and Beth, but not so good for the Callahan’s. Her phone rang and an irate Michael Callahan, candidate for the Assembly was on the on the other line wondering if she would kindly reign in her reporters and didn't she know who he was and wasn't the paper more concerned with today's news than last year's rumors?

Jean Meyers had gotten into journalism with a desire for the investigative side. She had worked her way up the ladder and when she decided to have kids, she chucked the day-to-day hustle of an investigative journalist for the life of an editor. But the siren call of uncovering the dirt on someone, especially someone well-heeled in any town, rang out from the folder on her desk in front of her. She pulled the phone away from her ear as Michael Callahan slammed his end down in response to her question as to whether the charges were true. The folder she had in front of her was as complete as it was informative. Someone had done their homework and Jean Meyers was impressed.

Sister Mary Margaret sat at the long conference table. Sister Mary Alice was on her right and Scott Wakefield and Madeline Batista were on her left. The hospital administrator was next to Sister Mary Alice and it was these people that Doctor Henry Kim saw as he walked into the conference room. Sister Mary Alice asked him to close the door behind him and Sister Mary Margaret motioned him to a single chair on his side of the table.

Madeline Batista, a good Catholic girl, this not being lost on either Scott or the Sisters, slid a piece of paper across the table and asked Doctor Henry Kim if he recognized it. It was the first affidavit the attorney had him sign. His head dropped and Madeline said she'd take that as a "yes". She also slid across a copy of the second affidavit Doctor Kim had made and asked him if he recognized that. Doctor Kim never looked up but nodded his head in the affirmative. Madeline slid a third and final piece of paper across the table and asked Doctor Henry Kim if he recognized this bank deposit slip for one-hundred thousand dollars from C&H Enterprises, a known subsidiary of Callahan and Associates, owned and operated by Michael Callahan. Now Doctor Kim was crying.

Sister Mary Margaret berated the man for bringing this down on himself, the hospital and the church. The hospital administrator slid a fourth piece of paper across the table and Henry Kim saw that he had been dismissed from medical duties at the hospital and that his right to practice medicine in the State of California had been revoked. As he left the room, Sister Mary Alice told him the priest was in the chapel, ready to hear his confession and "May God have mercy on your soul for what you have wrought on this young girl's life!"

Nurse Able saw Doctor Henry Kim leave the conference room a broken man. When she heard her name called, she realized the price of her soul was fifty-thousand dollars.

Michael Callahan was on the phone to a Sacramento TV station when his secretary interrupted him. She said the men in the outer office didn't have an appointment but said that Mr. Callahan would definitely want to see them. Perturbed, Michael waved Janet away but she put a piece of paper on his desk before she went out. The reporter on the other end asked if he was still there and Michael, mouth wide open, placed the phone in the receiver. He sat there gathering himself. A few moments later he buzzed his attorney's and his public relations man and told them to meet him in the large conference room on the third floor. He buzzed Janet and told her to escort his "guests" to the same room. He opened the drawer by his right knee and took a quick swig from the flask that was there. He also checked the locked, top, right-hand drawer, making sure the contents were still there. It was.

Scott Wakefield, Martha Boudine the computer gal, Madeline Batista and Charlie Grady the P.I. all sat in the deep leather chairs around the giant oak table nearly twenty feet long. Callahan, his attorneys and his P.R. man entered through a side door and sat silently across from Scott and his people. Michael straightened his tie and said he didn't tolerate empty threats based on false rumors and lies told by some two-bit hussy who was after his son's money.

Scott smiled and slid a folder across the table to each man then sat back and waited. It took about fifteen minutes for them to read through the condensed version of what Scott had acquired. It basically stated that Michael Callahan had used his position on the court and his money to influence and cover-up the criminal activities of his son as well as his own including the rape and battery of one Beth Garrison.

Michael looked at his attorneys who said it would be hard to defend against if it went to court but they felt confident they could convince a jury.

"But would you really want your dirty laundry aired nine months before the November election?”, Scott asked.

Michael looked at his attorneys and said, "Percentage of surety?" They answered, 50-50. Turning to his P.R. man he said, "Political damage?" The man swallowed hard and said, "100 percent." Michael swallowed too and finally asked how much? Scott smiled and said, "All of it." Michael blinked, not understanding. He asked what Scott meant by "all of it" and Scott replied it was just that; all of it meant everything Michael had. Cars. House. Money. Position. Prestige. Reputation. Every asset. Every dime. Even the clothes on his back. All of it.

Michael grew angry and claimed Scott would never get away with it. Scott said he already had and slid another piece of paper across the table to him. It was a letter to the U.S. Attorney General's office, to one Macgregor Scott, a personal friend of Scott Wakefield's. The letter included all of the information Scott had gathered on Michael and Bobby over the last few months. Michael didn't miss the fact that his son was included in the investigation. His son, whom he had protected, whom he had groomed to replace him. The only heir he had. The one to whom he would leave his dynasty. Bobby.

Michael got up from the table and went back to his office claiming he'd be back soon. Janet heard the gun go off and ran to find Michael's door not only closed by locked. She used her key and found Michael at his desk, his brains splattered against the window behind him.

Scott Wakefield and his people, hearing the gunshot, got up from the table, excused themselves and left. The next day, Bobby Callahan was arrested on five charges of rape and four charges of battery. The following day, Harald and Mary Lou received a letter stating the tuition at the college of Beth’s choice would be paid for in full by The Foundation along with a personal note from Scott Wakefield saying it wouldn't make up for what happened to Beth but it would give the girl a start in life.

Thursday night's martial arts class saw a new face on the floor, ready to mix it up with the boys. Tony threw the first punch and two seconds later he found himself on his back, the wind knocked out him, staring up at the smiling face of Beth Garrison.

In the corner stood a black belt who smiled in pride as the young girl joined in the class, becoming another young woman with her whole life ahead of her.

The End