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10-31-05, 12:12 AM
GAH! Naturally I have to do this quickly, and I don't work well under that kind of pressure. Too many mistakes so easily made.

I've just started a home school theater troupe. A bunch of students want a chance to perform so our first project, relatively simple is a Poetry Night (and/or monologues). Not a problem.

They also want to work on a holiday performance. We'll be doing it for a holiday party and a convalescent home, at least that's what we know about. Little problem, I don't have any idea what to have them do.

One family wants to incorporate the nativity story, which is fine. But we're not a specifically religious group so I don't want to have that be it. We could do several short songs/stories such as a reading of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, or The 12 Days of Christmas w/ puppets or try to put together a little play. I'm stumped. I thought it would be fun to do a play around different ornaments from different winter holidays all together. But I would have to write this out fast.

The performance would be in early December. It can be done, but only if we have a script to go on. Thoughts? Brainstorms? Brilliancy will get your name on the program. ;)

10-31-05, 01:15 AM
I LOVE plays and performances!
I don't have scripts of any holiday plays, but I know of a lot of holiday books (I think some of these could easily be turned into scripts).

Here are some!

The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsberg (such an excellent book)

The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, by Barbra Robinson
(I'm pretty sure this one comes in script form)

Olive, The Other Reindeer, by Vivian Walsh
(this is the cutest holiday story - Olive is a dog who thinks he is the other reindeer because in the song Rudpolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer the lyrics say "all of the other reindeer" and Olive thinks it says "Olive, the other reindeer" then he decides he needs to go to the North Pole to help out Santa)

Celebrating Kwanzaa, by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
talks about the origin of Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa symbols and principles

Chanukah in Chelm, by David A Adler
it's a story about Mendel, a caretaker of a Chelm synagogue, and his mishaps
You could take holiday songs and instead of singing them, read them (or even act out)

I bet it's going to be great, Chel, whatever it is you choose to do!

10-31-05, 12:55 PM
Thanks Court, great ideas.

10-31-05, 02:32 PM
I do like the reading of the Grinch and all that....

I'm not all that much with ideas but I'm good at agreeing ! ;)

10-31-05, 03:49 PM
I've also participated and viewed many programs where instead of the whole program being a chorus or a play setting. Participants dressed in different era clothing and narrators would give a brief description of the time and author of different Christmas carols (not all carols are Religion orientated~~ever hear Grandma got run over by a reigndeer?) then the entire group would sing the carol.

As someone who has seen many plays put on by the youth in long term care facilities those of a light and humerous plot, with lots of children, singing loudly and making funny faces are those that get the best reviews.

Chel, to be honest not sure why your sweating it~~everyone knows that anything you touch is gonna be great!!!

10-31-05, 05:13 PM
Stroking my ego will work, thanks Cher. I'm sweating from the time constraints. I'll take your advice, though. Keeping it light and fun.

06-20-07, 05:23 PM update and new vent. btw: This holiday show above went great, (aside from kids not understanding a word I said about projecting their voices) and we did end up doing "Chanukah in Chelm", Court.

Now I'm doing a show that needs motorcycle handlebars (5 of them!) a 1960's camera that still flashes and the rear end of 1960's cars cut out from wood. I need a pair of lips. I'm not kidding. Lips. Chorus girls carry them on, step through them and then a couple is kissing in them and carries them offstage. How the &*%$# do I make lips!?!? I don't keep a circular saw, etc in my garage and don't entirely remember how to use them and don't know how to measure/design these kinds of things. I work with the small, glued, and painted stuff. I organize.

I'm glad I'm being stretched but I'm suddenly having flashbacks to when I was really lousy and just starting with this stuff. help :(

Why am I panicking? I can do this. I've done props lots and lots. I guess because this is a new theater, I'm not familiar with the show, I haven't seen the blocking yet, and suddenly I feel completely overwhelmed that I'm not going to do a good job on this. I could just cry and I just started.