View Full Version : Docs in Miami?

11-01-05, 02:23 AM
Can you let me know the names of docs (psychiatrists, psychologists, etc) in Miami who are experienced in treating adult ADDers?


11-01-05, 02:34 AM
Have you looked in the Florida forum?

11-01-05, 02:51 AM
Thanks chaos,
nothing there.

I even asked my cousin, who is a new Psy.D., and she wasn't able to recommend anyone.

11-17-05, 07:25 PM
Hey snappy, I attempted the same search in Mia, ultimately I went back to my home town in Ma which is sorrounded by quite a few of the big voices on ADD in adults - I am <60 min from Hollowell, Ratey, Thomas Browne, and Russel Barkley. (Read their books, listen to the audio version, or take them out of the library - it's cheaper ;) ) If you are going to buy them I suggest as you can read through the comments sections for good feedback and tips.

I have only worked with one of them so far, and am trying medications. So far, he is great, although extremely pricey and does not accept insurance at a time when I am quite tight for few hundred dollar weekly sessions. And, I would say, you can learn ALOT of anecdotal/behavioral/medicational things via web boards and extensive reading if that is your style, particularly for continuing treatment.

All in all, I would rate diagnosis, validation, and assesment/therapy as mandatory and crucial - especially if you don't have the time or focus to read lots of books and follow message boards daily, the initial learning curve into/possible med route's are a must. I guess my point is (in scattered add fashion) due see someone who works with add adults, if at all possible someone who takes insurance, if the extra cash is a hit and you have insurance.

Getting back to your question, you could call or contact CHADD (google search I think its in miami - I think there's 3 of them between Broward and Kendall. They recommended a couple to me as well as the school of psych. at Nova Southeastern. If you have trouble, email me and I will help you out.

As I was looking for someone who had experience in treating/analyzing gifted folks, as well, I was left very discouraged in my somewhat minimal look through Miami for help.

Good luck, if you did find someone in mia who you found competant (many have had no training for adults) I would be very interested. If not, seek out a child psychiatrist, they see adults and have training in lots of areas that are helpful such as undiagnosed learning dissabilities and development.