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11-12-05, 11:42 PM
Hey, New Yorkers!

Anyone here worked with VESID for career counseling/coaching/guidance?

I was reluctant to look into it, feeling that my ADD was not the kind of 'disability' VESID was designed for....and maybe even just a 'different ability' anyway. I am 49, have a good education, got good grades, and have had some career success that has been offset by some major failures...with the parts of my job that were routine, monotonous, repetitive...BORING! Lost the last two jobs I had due to these problems.

However, I did call to inquire, and was told that VESID does provide services for people in my situation, and the woman I talked to said that she had worked with someone in an almost identical situation as mine.

I tried to find these services privately, and got ripped off by the one career counselor I found who claimed to have experience working with people with disabilities, going through career crises. He acted kind of bored and aloof when we talked, gave me a couple of standard aptitude/interest tests.

Anyway...anybody know anything about VESID?

01-13-09, 04:05 PM
I'm looking into that now actually. I know your post is from sometime ago but when I have more information I'll pass it along on this thread in case it helps anyone else.