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11-19-05, 10:53 AM
This place has been a sanctuary for me for quite a while... without registering of course :S. Anyway as my first post I was wondering if anyone can help me about well... almost everything :P.

1.) Procrastination
People without ADD procrastinate, people with ADD procrastinate more. I procrastinate like a purpose built procrastinating machine with a 2x procrastination upgrade. Procrastination (just had to throw in that word one more time). I will put work off and then when the pressures on still nothing is done. I have gone for weeks past the due date and missed major projects - this is a regular occurence. And the worst bit is I can't help myself, I really try to work, I try as hard as I can but I just can't physically start it. What the hell is wrong with me?

2.) Relationship
I have a girlfriend who is quite understanding and puts up with my 'quirks' often with a brief shake of the head or sometimes with a look of complete horror - usually with laughter though. But I constantly let her down about stuff, like stupid, impulsive behaviour, promising I'll be somewhere and then not being there, ect. It's the promising thing that really bothers me, it's not that it annoys her it's that it makes her really quite sad when IU miss something andthen forgives me so easily it make me feel bad about myself, sometimes I wish she'd give me a hard time so I'd feel justified!

3.) Everything Else
The list goes on and on, saying things I really shouldn't say in public or anywhere for that matter (i.e making 'observations' about some childs behaviour and then finding out that the kid is actually mentally retarded. This has happend at least 4x, 2 of those times eing in front of the kids parents... this rates a "when's the baby due? - I'm not pregnant" on the ouch scale). Stupid and rash impulsive decisions. Basic complete randomness in thoughts, often quite irrational in thought connections.

Well that's it. I have known about my ADD since I was about 5 or so. My problem is nobody seems to take it as a real serious thing that affects me so severly and it's been getting worse lately, please help!.

PS sorry about this being so damned long, I'll try and avoid that in future.

11-19-05, 11:35 AM
hey tpst,


Your post wasn't long at all, and better yet--it was nice and organized, with big bold titles so we can jump around yet get all the info. I looove your procrastination explanation (oooh that rhymed dinnit?)! Upgrade!

I share all of your points. I don't have a relationship right now, but I've got long-suffering friends that I do the same things to. When you make that promise, you have every intention of keeping it, right? That's why it's so frustrating and off-****ing when you don't follow through. I hear ya.

As far as folks not taking you seriously, that's tough, but in the end, it's up to you to take it seriously, get the meds or therapy or book-reading to better understand ADD, and ultimately get yourself the help you need.

Read books on ADD; there's some good ones out there like "You mean I'm not lazy, crazy or stupid?" and "Delivered From Distraction" that explain what ADD is--and will help you explain it to people.

Because we have upgraded versions of problems that everyone has, we don't always get a lot of pity; instead we get "well sure, that happens to everyone! what'syerproblem? get a grip!" I don't worry so much about convincing others anymore. I just go and try to get the help I need.

Gah, this was long. Sorry! And welcome!


11-19-05, 11:51 AM
No I tend to hate one sentance posts... I like something to read. I always have EVERY intention of keeping whatever I decide to do but it doesn't happen!. I'm on meds, Ritalin LA with a booster pill of 10 mg of Ritalin after school - I don't think it's working. IDo you get the indecisivenes? If I stop to think about anything I then can't decide and it'll be something stupid like an ice cream flavour.
"Simon vanilla or chocolate it's not that hard"
"yeah but if I get vanilla then I'll be missing out on chocolate"
"but we've been here ten minutes!"
"I can't decide!"
repeat ad nauseum

I'm lucky to have a girlfriend who will forgive though and she does understand the weird things that I do are all part of it but I don't think anyone truly understands it.

12-02-05, 05:30 PM
quote tpst: If I stop to think about anything, I can't decide and it'll be something stupid like an ice cream flavour. /////

Really? So you're not thinking the rest of the time? Try keeping a constantly intense train of thought-you won't have so many of these moments that way. Like when you are not thinking...think! It'll keep you on your toes, lol. It may be tiresome at first-but your stamina will last longer if you keep practicing.

It'll then seem like you are not putting as much thought into as you used to, after awhile-it'll become like 2nd nature. It gets easier.

It's actually like mental articulation-I'm ADD and don't take meds b/c I realized they are practically useless. Neither worth the money, nor the edginess it caused me.

For me-it's like talking or taking notes-except it's all in my head. I just take what I perceive and make observations-or notes about them inside of my head. It's actually entertaining. Keeps the boredom out and drastically improves my ADD.