View Full Version : A Poem: Can I Ask?

11-23-05, 02:07 AM
Oh, the fun! :p What a cheeseball one can be when one is young, passionate and hormone-driven! Here's one from the "Vault of Broken Hearts".....

Can I Ask?

So who is in your arms

this fair, breezy night,

under a lustful moon

shedding its lunar light?

Do her lips melt with

buttery sweetness?

Are her shoulders tendered

by your kisses?

Does she sigh

much like I do

when she realizes

that she loves you?

Does she think of you

with every devotional song,

even though she knows

that your feelings are gone?

She must believe

every single, beautiful lie.

She'll hold her breath

for you 'til she dies.

Another soul for your

bearded collection?

Take no offense, my love…

I merely asked a question.