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11-26-05, 08:16 PM
Ok Folks I'm here in Miami Fl and I have no INSURANCE
How much is usually a visit to see a psychiatric ? Average $ per Visit
I think I have ADD but of course I want pro to determine what i have.

11-26-05, 09:13 PM
Ok Folks I'm here in Miami Fl and I have no INSURANCE
How much is usually a visit to see a psychiatric ? Average $ per Visit
I think I have ADD but of course I want pro to determine what i have.
Psych visits vary quite a bit, but it might be less than you think. My doc here is excellent, charges about $75/visit (once a month, no therapy) and about $175 for the first visit. The drugs cost more than that.

I discovered that a lot of psychiatrists have actually stopped providing any therapy and just manage meds. Insurance doesn't want to pay for a psychiatrist when they can get a psychologist cheaper.

william tell
11-26-05, 10:24 PM
weow ,$180 a visit ,$300 for first visit ,he's an ADD specialist I've had to reschedual visits to once a month since The divorce was costing so much
Thats for an hour therepy and adderall is $25 for 30 -30 mg
I started every week visits ,then cut back to every two weeks for about 6 months and now just once a month

11-26-05, 10:58 PM
Check with your state services. There is often a government support system for people who do not have insurance. The price of the visit is determined by how much your family income is per month. Sorry, I live in Texas so I can't give you a specific agency for Florida, but the figured above look to be about average. My therapist charges $175 per hr...but with my insurance I only pay about $20.

11-27-05, 02:01 AM
Thats for an hour therepy and adderall is $25 for 30 -30 mg

Adderall is only $25 for 30/30? Wow. I thought it was a lot more than that! Sorry, haven't refilled yet & my first month was free.

11-27-05, 09:32 AM
Thank you all, Is terrible no to have insurance..

03-22-08, 07:25 PM
My Psychiatrist cost me $250 for the first visit and $175 an hour for every visit after that. He is a Adult ADD-Specialist, specializes in Gay Relationships and hardships.

03-22-08, 07:34 PM
To determine "what you have", I'd recommend testing.

If you need to be diagnosed as an adult, and your Psychiatrist does not SEE THAT you are ADD, then there is the TESTING alternative.

I saw many doctors for many years, and noone knew I had ADD. They just called it Anxiety and Depression and other BS.

No wonder it never got better.

I had 8 hours of IQ Testing and "Neuropsychological Testing" by a Psychologist in my final year of University, which discovered that I had "ADHD - Combined Type".

With that proof of Test Results, I was able to take the Test Report and get Medication at a Psychiatrist.


They do memory testing, and listening/processing testing (not hearing tests), and test Executive Function (brain's manager; organizer), etc.

04-11-08, 01:43 AM
To determine "what you have", I'd recommend testing.

Many from the US may not be able to afford such testing - we do not have a national health care system here like you have up in Canada - Many of the insurance companies will not cover such test which can cost any where from $500.00 to $1200.00 depending upon what is done.

If you have no insurance here one must pay out of pocket unless he/she qualifies for assistance with their local mental health department - which isn't easy one must fall below the poverty line which is a given amount before Taxes some clueless idiot sets up from some office some where. Even then it is doubtful that the state is going to pay for such testing - so only a few with excellent insurance, live near universities or have money will be able to access such psychological testing - many from countries with national health care fail to realize how different it is here in the US.

04-07-09, 01:14 PM
I live in Florida and we have health insurance--crummy insurance, it only pays $600 a year!!

Anyway, initial psych visits are $300 (my daughter has seen 2) and one charges $90 for a 15 minute-follow up and the other charges $120 for a half-hour follow-up.

04-18-09, 08:45 AM
I did it by going to a Therapist and then had my general practitioner prescribe me drugs. It was a lot cheaper - she was $125/hour. My generic Adderall 15mg/60tabs is around $45 without insurance. (Self-employed yay!)
I saw her for about 4 months every week, then every-other-week. I stopped simply because I couldn't afford to keep going.

04-19-09, 03:23 PM
My insurance covers up to 20 visits per plan year with $40 co-pays each time. However, they also won't let you "double up" & schedule back-to-back appts with both your therapist & PsyDoc in the same day in order to save a co-pay. :(

Try checking out the following website: ( )
See if there's a therapist near you, their credentials, what their treatment philosophies are like & how much they charge. This site is growing in numbers every week & is a good way to "shop around" w/o spending time/$$ on too many trial/error visits. Also, some therapists may even do a quick (10-15 min) phone consult w/you if you ask them to & you let them know that you're looking for therapy services.