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11-28-05, 08:19 PM

I've been lurking for awhile now and I just had to share something that has really helped us out! :) We discovered this place called "Super Suppers" and there is also "Dream Dinners", which are franchised all over the place. If you're not familiar with it, basically you choose a certain number of meals from a monthly menu and then you go in and prepare what you ordered. The prices aren't too bad, certainly less than eating out. You schedule to go into the "store" and there are different stations set up with all the ingredients there for you. Then you take your dinners home, pop them in the freezer and cook them up when you want to. So far I have done this 3 times (twice at super suppers and once at dream dinners) and it has truly been a lifesaver. I am going to try to adapt some cookbook recipes for myself so I can do some on my own. One suggestion I do have is that if you do something like this, it's helpful to go with a partner so you remember which ingredients you've already added. :D

Now I've got to check out the flylady experiences people have had so far. I bought the book at least a year ago, but haven't implemented the system yet.


12-02-05, 11:33 PM
I am lucky partner shops and cooks.

I manage the dish washing most of the time. Partner is a clean cook.

When I lived alone meals were either popped into a microwave and nuked

Brought in a paper bag marked with fast food joint's logo

Slapped between two pieces of bread and called a sandwich.

The super supper business is a good idea for those who don't mind cooking but hate shopping and cleaning but for people like me I hate all of it. I would rather have one of those replicates like they do in Star grocery shopping, no dirty dishes, no cooking!!!!!!!!

Oh yea welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!

03-06-06, 01:49 AM
seem to be catching on. We don't have one close by, yet. I wish I had the money to open one because I think they are going to be a big hit.

I pondered for a while about how I could kind of replicate this at home and do the whole 'cook ahead' thing at home. I know there are programs for freezing a months food etc. But I think its a bit beyond me and I wouldn't get other things I needed to do, done.

If I went somewhere, I feel it would work better for me.

03-06-06, 01:50 AM
Oh and I have the fly lady book, I need to re read it. Have dipped into it here and there after trying the online reminders (that drove me mad). I still keep some of the principles in mind.

03-06-06, 07:36 PM
I have never been able to manage cooking more than two things at once without seriously burning something, or forgetting something. I've heard of these Super Supper things and never thought about how they might help me to produce better balanced meals. Hmmm... something to look into.

03-12-06, 11:20 AM
The Dream Dinners and Super Supper franchise sounds awesome! I'm such a horrible grocery shopper, always forgetting something. This sounds like the perfect solution! I wish we had one near me.