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11-29-05, 09:03 AM
My son is 10 in January. He has dyslexia/dyspraxia/ very poor short term memory/ADD and growth hormone problems.

Increasingly often, I have noticed various other strange little habits/tics. He blinks and rolls his eyes constantly and has bit of a twitch on his right arm (he is left handed), he screws up his nose like a rabbit snuffly action, clicks and squeaks, sounds like a dolphin at times which is a bit unnerving, he opens mouth like a yawn yet not a yawn regularly too, he has this last few months started making strange noises randomly, grunts, growls, throaty noises mainly.. not linked to any particular activity and they are happening more frequently. He rubs his face with the palm of his hand despite being asked not to. This all sounds so silly having written it down.. but I am concerned. I know what else he does.. he flicks his eyes from left to right.. like watching a speeded up tennis match without moving his head.

I'm not sure if this is part of my neurosis about him as I am aware I am a bit over-vigilant due to his other problems and his prematurity at birth etc.

He is due to see the paedeatrician dealing with his growth hormone issues again on 10th January and am wondering if I should maybe ask him about this as well?? Or add it to the list of things to speak to the Educational Psychologist about when he has his dyspraxia review.

He seems to be completely oblivious to these movements and I don't want to draw his attention to them incase they are a nervous issue and he becomes more self conscious and aggravates the situation.

I know you are not medically trained.. but do I need to discuss with the paed? the GP? anyone or am I being silly again???

thank you for your help.

11-29-05, 06:35 PM
Speaking from personal experience only, yes, there is a good chance that he could have Tourettes. It may be hard for him to hold these "tics" in. If he is not in public I would just let the "tics" go until you know more. Bring this issue up with any Dr. or Psychologist that you see. Better yet, I would make a specific appointment about the issue.