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03-10-03, 06:48 PM
Well, after having a particularly yucky reaction to lamictal (which happens occasionally, not all meds work the same for all people) I spiraled into a hideous depression last week . After calling my mental health clinic I was given a temporary med change til they could see me. Today I was able to see the Doctor (my new doctor who I truly respect and like) So my newest medication routine is :
Wellbutrin SR-150 mg 2x's daily
Effexor XR-75 mg 1x's daily ( or 37.5 mgs 2x's daily)

and my new med:
Trileptal-150 mgs 2x's daily

I have some stomache upset but I think yogurt may help with that, and I have to watch for dizziness and get some blood work done. ( yea where Im getting that money is a good question-lol)

We shall see :)

03-10-03, 10:48 PM
So what's the Trileptal for? Is that a mood stabilizer? Does it make you sleepy? I'm glad you like your doc!

03-10-03, 11:22 PM
Yea its another antiseizure, mood stabilizer. Im feeling ok and hoping it stays this way :D :x thank you and big for walking me through

03-10-03, 11:31 PM
Always here for you, Crissy. Just glad you have a good doc on your side now, and a better med! :)

Lisa Rene
04-29-03, 12:14 PM
Myyyy GAWWWD!!! I just got a new Med. yesturday. Lexapro SSRI being used in this case to treat anxiety. AND OMG....Lisa has SEROTONIN!! Of course I'm only taking half of a normal person's beginning dosage because of the possibility of Mania. But, MY Goooodnesssssessss I could feel it withing the first 2 hours. And they say 2 weeks. What do they know. I haven't had serotonin in my system in FREAKING 5 YEARS at least. LOL I even re-arranged furniture yesturday!! I'm gonna go to the store and buy a CD I've been wanting just to celebrate!! I'm thinking I won't even have a panic attack while I'm there!! Imagine that. Now the only thing I have to worry about is....Please God, let this tiny dosage make me a person with normal amounts of serotonin this time. Bring me up to speed, Not Down the Road and around the corner. This makes me think my body produces absolutely NODDA (not a damn bit) of serotonin on its own. And when I take just a tiny bit....My Body reacts to it in amazing ways. Anyway.....Here's wishing myself luck!! And no mania...

Lisa Rene
05-14-03, 12:44 PM
Ok, alot of the text that was here got lost. So I'll update you by saying that I started out with this med with a JOLT. That was probably a little bit of hypo mania. It soon turned back into depression. After a little bit more time I think it's leveling out to almost normality. I guess it's good to give a new med plenty of time to see what it's long term effect will be. : )

Lisa Rene

05-14-03, 01:23 PM

I'm glad this med seems to be working for you now :)

05-14-03, 11:24 PM
Lisa, Im so happy for you! We really need to talk more in chat lol, we seem to be sisters under the skin like Ruth and I

Lisa Rene
05-15-03, 01:35 PM
Thanks for the support Big and Crissy!!

05-15-03, 04:05 PM
Any time, Lisa...while I suspect that you and I look completely different under the skin, I still consider you like family :)

Hugss Sis! :D