View Full Version : Winter

12-07-05, 03:44 AM
Oh how I love the nebraska winter. Snow, ice, 0 degrees, strong wind, wind chill = -20

degrees. Walking to class on campus couldn't get any worse. :D

12-07-05, 03:56 AM
Yuck! Get a parka, boots and gloves!


12-07-05, 04:03 AM
Yea...I have a down feather lined coat, gloves, boots, and hat....but when it gets this cold it doesn't matter, face freezes...need a mask, I don't like wearing masks when its cold though.

12-07-05, 12:50 PM
This is my first winter here. I moved from sunny warm Los Angeles. I can't even describe how much of a winter shock I'm experiencing! Brrrrrr!

12-08-05, 01:45 AM
I've lived here um....22 years, and every winter is a shock! =P

12-08-05, 09:34 PM
I've lived here um....22 years, and every winter is a shock! =PNoooo! Please don't say that! I was hoping it would be something I could adjust to. :p

12-18-05, 05:52 AM
You adjust to some extent. I found it harder when i moved back here after having lived in the South, but the cold and darkness just kicks my a** every year. after a month or so of sub-freezing temperatures, if it gets up to 40 or 50 degrees then you just want to run around naked it feels so warm.

when i lived in Chicago and had to walk, ride my bike, or wait for a bus, i would wear a mask and layer everything - only problem is that i'd be hot while i was in class. i also used to take cayenne pepper pills when i had to make the trek. it heats you right up but i wouldn't recommend it if you have a bad stomach.

i have a friend that works outside and everyday it amazes me just to think about it. i can't stand being cold so i've been going outside as little as possible.