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12-14-05, 12:50 AM
Time creeps by as I watch a blank television
There is a show on but I see nothing and hear less
Staring is all I do, choking on my pride to hide the tears that build on their own
Why these tears have come, I know the reason not
Trying to catch my breathe seems impossible
I try desperately not to let these tears escape my eyes
I canít seem to figure if this is wise or simply foolishness
The sweet salt on my lips may prove my existence
Existence seems irrelevant when tears are hidden from the world
I do not fear what others think
Possibly I fear whatís inside myself
I am unsure if a beast lurks waiting to pounce
Can I be a man if I hide my own tears from myself?
Is hiding the true nature of my feelings the right choice?
If I fight long enough the tears will fade
All this does is make for a dry face
Tissues are now the irrelevant one
I wonder if I have won my battle
Or just delayed an inevitable return to solitude
They will be back, the time I know not
I just hope I am with myself when they do
I never judge myself in a manner that seems harsh or crude
I never make excuses to myself, lying is never the right road
One day I say, one day I will realize why my tears build
The complication is when?
An hour, a day, a week, maybe an eternity
Patience seems to be my only friend at the time