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12-14-05, 10:36 AM
How does this med work and why must a person avoid so many medications while on this medication?:o

12-14-05, 09:16 PM
If you're asking how your brain responds to it chemically I couldn't tell you.
If you want to know how well it works I can tell you it is the only med that I've taken in more than 8 years that seems to make a lasting difference.

Just like any other might work for you and it might not. Knowing how it works won't tell you whether or not it will work for I suggest that if you think it might help you....get your doctor to prescribe it for you and see what it does after 30 days. If it helps keep taking it. If it doesn''ve eliminated one more med that is a waste of your time.

12-19-05, 01:51 PM
I read on the website:
that it effects norepinephrine and dopamine.
but how can that help depression when other meds effect serotonin (like zolot, paxil, prozac, and other SSRI's)

12-30-07, 09:55 PM
Depression can be caused by low levels of any three of those neurotransmitters, not just serotonin. Lots of people are genetically predisposed to have lowered serotonin so SSRI's help them. SSRIS tend to flatten out your emotions so you dont get overly sad, but for many this dampening effect makes them more depressed. Wellbutrin raises levels of Dopamine and Norepinephrine by blocking their Reuptake in the brain (basically lets your brain access these chemicals for longer periods of times without them being scooped back up... this is also what SSRI's do to Serotonin). Raising dopamine increases focus on long term goals (hence why ADD = low dopamine) as well as giving a sense of pleasure and well being which is why raising this chemical makes WB good for depression and ADD. Norepinephrine raises energy levels because it works like adrenaline in the brain which is helpful for those who have fatique with their depression.

Hope this helped!

12-30-07, 11:41 PM
I'm taking 40mg of Fluoxetine (generic of Prozac, a SSRI) and 15mg of Adderall 4 times a day. Well, at least that's what I'm prescribed to be taking. Both of these at those levels leave me with a constant tremor so I've gone back to my old dosage of 3 times a day adderall and am taking some fluoxetine out of the capsules to lower the amount. Anyway, with the SSRI I've had less anxiety, less depression, and I am no longer fluctuating with my moods. However, I feel kind of flat with my emotions and a bit apathetic in the sense that I no longer have the ambition of my non-medicated ADD self. I lack the self discipline that I have whenever I am without meds or just on Adderall because I don't really hesitate to spend my money when I have a goal of reaching X amount of dollars in my banking account. When I first started with 20 mg of fluoxetine, I was happy but then my moods started fluctuating again and I was upped to 40 mg but then the Adderall would only last 3-4 hours so I was upped to 4x a day.

That's where I stand now and am anxious to try wellbutrin because augments Adderall since it also acts on dopamine or at least it should. I usually feel pretty good about myself and motivated when Adderall works. It doesn't work like it did initially in keeping my focus to one particular task at a time and motivated. Motivation and drive usually gets me excited and feeling good about myself and my future (18 now). This is how I see it helping me with the dysthymia my psychiatrist has recognized and keeping me from possibly abusing Adderall or any other drugs since I have addiction in my family. Wellbutrin is also used to stop people from smoking or to help those who have addictions to meth or cocaine.

01-03-08, 09:47 AM
Have you tried WB yet?

It may be worth a try; some people have good results and others...not so much.:(

I have been taking WB SR 150mg daily since May, along with Ritalin IR 10mg 4x daily. I am allowed to up my WB to 2x daily; which works great for me. However, it causes intense ringing in my ears and acne breakouts on my upper arms and back.:eek:

When I first started WB it was to off set side effects from Prozac that I was experiencing. I really liked Prozac, however the sexual side effects never got any better so I decided to stop it.:(

Prozac and WB is often taken together with great results.

My doctor is good about letting me try different medications to see which ones work for me; I am "medication sensitive" so I tend to get alot of side effects.

I think it would be worth a try; start low and go slow with dosing increase this may help alleviate side effects.

WB does help with motivation and positive energy; as well as my sugar addiction.:p

Keep us updated.......:)

01-03-08, 01:19 PM
you want to know why Wellbutrin has a low abuse potential and why it is used to help people quite meth and cocaine and smoking. Its like Methadone in the way it helps people with opiates.

It is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor yes, but its also a dopamine antagonist. It stops the release of dopamine. That means smoke a cigarette but you get no dopamine release in the reward pathway from it, thus your motivation to smoke is gone. Cocaine obviously releases a ton of dopamine as well, but it won't have that large of an effect if on enough wellbutrin, the wellbutrin will however give you a little boost of dopamine to keep your mood semi-stable (very stable if you aren't a meth/cocaine user).

02-25-08, 08:58 PM
it can really **** you up! bady talking for experience