View Full Version : Dyspraxia and timed math tests

12-14-05, 11:43 PM
My nine year old was diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder when he was three or four. We've worked through most new motor skills he's encountered (except haven't succeeded at riding a bike yet). Now a new problem: teacher giving timed multiplication drills. My son doesn't have an IEP and is, by many accounts, the brightest kid in the grade. He knows the multiplication facts cold and can handle the one-minute timed tests, but not the two-minute timed test. As we looked at his D-graded test today, he was in tears and stated, "I KNOW these; my hand just can't write them fast enough." That's when it hit me! Oh, DCD.

Being able to take two-minute timed multiplication tests is not a life skill I'm worried about. Math is definitely NOT a problem for him. (CogAT 99%ile; Standford 10 99%ile). His devastation at bringing home D's and how he feels about it is what I'm worried about. I've requested to meet with the teacher, but I'm not even sure what to suggest. Any special attention at school for this problem might not be the best thing for his self esteem and fitting in. Verbal drilling of the multiplication facts is useless---he knows them. The teacher sends home one practice sheet for a one-minute test each night using the "new" facts they're working with that day. Would more practice sheets help the brain communicate to the hand?

Advice please.