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12-27-05, 11:48 PM
hello everyone

i am new to this ad hd thing i was told at age 52 of my disorder. im from ne wisc ( that would be north of green bay. wow this forms took me a year to get here but im glad i stumbled in. Tons of information, but more so certainly would like to make some friends to understand this ad hd much better. After my wife walked out and losing my family, business and all the dreams did i just discover this disorder, thanks or not to my brother. I see a counselor in green bay but struggle everyday. Im looking for tips on dealing with this. I am in the middle of divorce now and wish someone was around to help me cope or just be a friend who understands , seems like i finally got it figured out and im alone. Im not complaining i know what thats all about ive been a recovering alcholic for 16 yrs , ask me how i stayed sober I dont know but i am i would be open to any suggestions to just get pointed in the right direction . thanks for your attention to my inattention.
very sincerely -------------->mike

12-28-05, 03:58 AM
I have ADD and have been through traumatic events. Though I'm only 24 I can tell you that there have been several things I've done to help with both of my ailments...DO SOMETHING. Get out. Go places. Cry if you must. Reinvent yourself. Get into shape. Get a new hobby. Stay with therapy. The worst thing you can do is remain will only get worse. It probably doesn't help that you live NE of GB. I was born in Marinette and lived in Wausakee for a period of time when I was a baby...very austere environment. Good Luck.