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01-02-06, 10:13 AM
So, I've been trying various different approaches to improve my ability to get things done. Accomplish and complete... etc.

And I've noticed when Iím walking around the house nude, I find that I get laundry done much faster and will get it completely taken care of. Since this was a success, I've decided to try a few other tasks and see how they pan out...

Writing papers is also easier in the nude. I usually start getting slightly cold sitting on a leather seat, next to a couple windows, in the winter. My hands get cold, and I start to bounce my legs to generate heat. On the positive side, I'm writing like its going out of style and accomplish assignments much faster.

Watching TV ... not too shabby. I would just suggest having a throw blanket near as things tend to get a bit chilly in the winter, and people shouldn't be catching cold if they can help it.

Long Distance Running... unless it is legal in your area, wondering around nude is a quick way to get unwanted attention by the police. Now, in history Greeks tended to jog around in the buff and were pretty darn good at it, and wasn't a problem, at least for the male portion of the population. I would think females it wouldn't be as fun unless wearing a sports bra.

Reading ... similar to watching tv but much chance of learning and accomplishing something. This too would require a throw blanket, or at least a towel around the waist.

Dancing ... another way to get attention from the police or your local pervert. I would suggest working out (see below), and getting a job at your local strip joint. Might as well make some decent money if you wish to do this with things hanging out. I'm not much of a dancer, so I haven't tried this. I figured practice with this would be best done with a good pair a shoes, jeans, and a dress shirt.

Cooking... well... I would suggest avoiding cooking in the nude. One splash of boiling water and that ends that party really quick. I've never felt such pain like that before, and I work in the kitchen where being burned are somewhat frequent.

Working Out.. I would suggest doing this in the comfort of your own home as this would be distracting and probably unsanitary at most gyms. Also, rug burn is much more common. On the other hand, it is easier to stay cool. I guess a nude beach would make this an easier task (except for the sand getting in weird places part).

Car Maintenance ... another one of those situation where clothes come in handy. It is uncomfortable enough just sliding under the car in clothes laying on one of those roller carts. And oil likes to get everywhere and not come off.. soooo... yah.

Computer Maintenance ... not so bad. No problems so far.

I'll write more as I try new things... thanks for reading and I appreciate your input.

-- jolt

01-02-06, 09:32 PM

And I thought I was the only one who is completely crazy..:p

I figured out few years ago that I do things faster and more organized if I do that undressed. I can't be nude all the time (I just can't) but if I stay undressed in the morning I am going to do EVERYTHING I am supposed to do.

But I think that's cause I have some track of concentration in the morning and it easily disappears if I get dressed.

So, even getting dressed is big distraction for me. :eyebrow:

01-03-06, 11:54 PM

Me :d

01-04-06, 10:51 AM
Huh, go figure. While I'm relatively certain my wife wouldn't mind me doing this at home, it would be disasterous at work, which is where I seem to need help the most.

I wonder why this works for some, and if it can be replicated in a less, er, revealing manner. Perhaps nudity is a natural inclination for some. I know of toddlers who are constantly taking off their diapers/clothes when they play, I have to wonder if it's hard wired.

Right, apparently I need far more coffee...


01-04-06, 05:58 PM
Maybe that's why I retain what I read so much better if I read in the bathtub...

Seriously, though, it does make sense that the sensation of even slightly restrictive clothing might be somewhat distracting. But all things considered, I think I find the sight of my fat thighs even more distracting. I think I'll keep my clothes on.

01-11-06, 01:48 AM
You know, I've spent up to three days at a time wearing nothing but a towel. I guess I forget to get dressed :)

One day I'm going to go to the shops like that if I'm not careful.

01-12-06, 07:57 AM
One day I'm going to go to the shops like that if I'm not careful.

I am sure some one will have no problem reminding you what it is that you forgot....I spend too much time running in and out of house when I clean and we live on a fairly busy street. If I forgot to cover my parts I am sure a nice police officer would be helpful enough to remind me with some sort of expensive ticket????

I am never in the house three days in a row.....I go out side at least three times a day with dog alone this doesn't count trash......ect

02-21-06, 11:38 PM
I like to clean my room w/o a shirt, but that's about as nude as I get. I actually concentrate better when I'm wearing relatively nice clothes.

02-22-06, 01:27 AM
I am glad someone recycled this post, I had missed it! ROTFLMAO!! Sorry, this one just struck my funny bone (no pun intended at all!!!). With five kids, I don't think this one is practical for me, but I love it!!!

02-22-06, 01:29 AM
I like to clean my room w/o a shirt, but that's about as nude as I get. I actually concentrate better when I'm wearing relatively nice clothes.
I like working in a brand new suit or outfit...if I feel like I look really nice, I work better. Great reminder...I need to think and use this more often...can't afford a new outfit each day, but I should try to pick stuff I like. I often wear jeans and a sweatshirt to the office when no clients are coming in cause I like how those feel and look on me. Great thread again! Still giggling a little!

03-01-06, 05:54 AM
With five kids, I don't think this one is practical for me, but I love it!!!

Okay I can "see" how cleaning in the buff wouldn't work here either......I would NOT want to wear nice clothes because I do not know it happens..


Every time I clean I manage to get dirty????? Shouldn't I get clean along with my house?????