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01-02-06, 04:41 PM
Can abilify be used to treat depression?

Here's one of my long stories about battling my condition:

When I was 15, I had my first panic attack. I thought I was dying and/or having a heart attack. It was very scary. I asked my teacher to go to the nurse and my mom took me to the emergency room. I was told that there was nothing wrong. That didn't help at all, for every day, in science class, I would have a panic attack. And I went to the nurse, to home, to the emergency room, back home knowing no more then before, "it's nothing". As the days went on, it got worse and worse. I would have more and more panic attacks. When I started 12th grade, I was having 5-7 panic attacks or more a day. I was at the end of my rope. I would sometimes go to the bathroom in school and cry. I would feel very bad that it would happen to me. I didn't know what was wrong with me. Then one day my Mom when to the school to ask the school psychologist if he noticed me tugging at my shirt or having panic symptoms. He confronted me about it, and then it got worse. I started crying and feeling very bad for myself. I felt bad that I couldn't help myself. I was also doing very bad in school as I was failing 2 subjects at the time and on the virge of failing a 3rd. In December 2004, it got so bad, that I wished I was dead. I wanted all the pain to end. I thought suicide was the only way out but I knew not to do that because I could never hurt my family like that. Then in February 2005, I went to see a psychiatrist who understood what I was going though. He realized I had a panic disorder and said I would need an Antidepressant as well as an antianxiety medication. I've been taking Zoloft 50mg for 9 months and then I gradually stopped it. I have no more anxiety attacks anymore. But this past month has been terrible. I started taking Zoloft again but it isn't helping. I've been feeling down. I've been crying more and more. These past 3 days, my mind has been overpowering w/ thoughts of suicide. I really don't want to commit suicide and I want these thoughts to get out of my head. I would much rather be depressed than have thoughts of suicide. My mood has acutally, basically been bad since I was 15. Please Help Me!!! Thanks....

01-02-06, 04:42 PM
I see the doctor on 1/10/2006. I see my therapist on 1/7/2006.

01-02-06, 06:13 PM
Just reading the website on Abilify, it is used to treat bipolar. Are you taking it now?

I know that your question was about that, and I don't have an answer....but with all these suicidal thoughts swimming around, I would advice you to call your therapist and/or doctor as soon as possible. There may be something you could do right away with regard to meds...or maybe they will want to see you first to make some changes. Don't wait until the 7th. You don't know how bad those feelings will get...

keep us posted?

01-04-06, 12:24 AM
I don't have time to read through your whole post right now...sorry about that, I'll get back to it either later tonight or tomorrow and possibly add more to what I'm going to say now. But I did want to answer your main question. Abilify was just approved for treating Bipolar Disorder, mainly in subsiding the mania. Abilify does not help with depression. Have you taken any anti-depressants before?

01-06-06, 11:14 AM
I've been taking and not taking zoloft on and off. I just keep starting it and stopping it w/o my doc's knowledge.

01-06-06, 11:19 AM
I've been taking and not taking zoloft on and off. I just keep starting it and stopping it w/o my doc's knowledge.
Not good. Why do you stop taking zoloft?

Zoloft cannot work AT ALL unless you take it continually -- every day -- for a few weeks. If you take it as directed, you might feel some relief from your depression in the second week, but it could take up to 6 for full effects.

Taking it sporatically won't help you.

01-06-06, 11:25 AM
Just re-reading your original post, I noticed you were on Zoloft continually for 9 months, then stopped.

This is a common problem that Psychiatrists deal with -- patients feel better and don't think they need the med anymore. But, it sounds like you have a pretty chronic disorder and will likely have to stay on meds for life.

Even with major depressive disorder that is not chronic, antidepressants are now prescribed for a full year in order to reduce the chance of reoccurance.

01-22-06, 09:13 PM
i take abilify and i noticed that it helps stablize my bipolar including my mild depression. i think that this med is a God send! hope all goes well with you