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01-05-06, 01:59 AM

The queue grows deep.
Tensions rise as a phone dings in your
Helpless victims are on the other end, feeding on impatience
A handle time glares over your back.
My precious seconds
Five hundred is the limit
A reality they will never know.
What once was a pleasure is a feast for the wolves
For they feed, bloodthirsty on convenience
When time slips by, anxiety starts its grip on your reality
A journey that must end in seconds.
My precious seconds
Limits brought about by secret handshakes behind closed doors.
An area of the world runs dry
A once weak queue turns into a raging storm
Heads turn as a voice cries for help
Confused masses that demand retribution for their ways
Ways brought on by content for speed
Some can be kind, most leave couth at the door
Ignorance comes easy behind the comfort of a phone
Soon the queue will lose strength
Once the storm has settled most retreat to those who care
Once upon a helpdesk is whispered in the halls
My precious seconds, where have they gone?