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01-06-06, 08:13 PM
I have recently been dx with ADHD and am 28. I did the Strattera thing for almost 3 months with terrible results. All I had was side effects and hardly any benefits. I work in medical and it is a very fast paced environment. Since day 1 I have had huge success with Cylert! My focus is wonderful. I'm truely happy with the result of this drug but my doc was extremely hesitant to prescribe me any stimulants! I have no history of alcohol or drug usage. He said that they are all too addictive and that I shouldn't take them! Most of the research I have read about two branches of stimulant drugs say that your first stimulant probably isn't the right one for you . . . any suggestions with my doctor being so reserved? I feel he should cater to me because he was the one who dx me! If I feel as good as I do on Cylert what happens when Pemoline is completely gone from the market? I guess my question is is what other dstimulant drugs would be as beneficial for me and how should I ask my doctor to help?

01-07-06, 01:55 AM
Stimulants are highly addictive if you take them in a form that give you a rush. You get a rush with stimulants typically by injecting them into your bloodstream or snorting them. Small theraputic doses of stimulants taken as prescribed, are the safest and most effective drugs out there. Here is a thread on the issue.

01-09-06, 11:01 PM
You may want to find another doctor who knows more about ADD/ADHD.

All the drugs on the market for this disorder are heavy-duty, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take what really helps you.

Once you get your schedule and dosage figured out, there is no reason to be afraid to take them. Your body and brain will adapt and you will function better.

There a so many doctors out there who aren't very well informed about ADD/ADHD, or the medications necessary to deal with it, so don't feel like you have to be loyal to one doctor. You are paying for a service, so be good to yourself and shop around.

01-10-06, 12:45 PM
You are absolutely right and I have considered going to another doctor. All of this med change has been messing with me at work and thats a huge problem! Thanks for the advice!

02-23-06, 10:41 PM
I too have bottomed out without the Cylert. It truely was a miracle drug for me. I have tried Adderal XR, and Adderal straight...and it just DOES NOT DO IT. I have read everything I can find. I do not have access to a psych. or anyone that specializes in ADD much less ADULT ADD. My GP kinda goes along with what I say regarding the meds. The Adderal XR never really helps me. Just never seems to be enough in my system. The non long acting is about the same. At times I have the "speedy" feeling for a while, but my mind is never clear. Im so frustrated.

02-24-06, 11:21 AM
Yes, Cylert is a wierd drug. It worked great for me for the first two weeks but then became an absolute nightmare. I made a huge effort to find a psych and get an eval here in my rural area. Most states have funded programs but they are hard to find and when you do find them they have unusual office hours because the docs service several areas. I was dx with ADHD combined type . . . anyways, the new doc automatically placed me on Ritalin 5mg 3xs a day. The new doc told me to throw the Pemoline in the toilet because it was garbage and possibly dangerous. He said that my GP wasn't trying to hurt me but they just do not know about AD/HD as in depth.The Ritalin makes a huge difference but I have to remember to dose at the right times or I rebound and thats 10xs as bad than before my initial dose! This stuff works for me but like you its kinda like it's not enough in my system. Good luck and try to find a psych that is willing to listen and work with you.