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01-08-06, 12:52 PM
I am 17 and have had numerous mild obsessive compulsive behaviour and complex and mental tics and compulsions since I was little and about five years ago started to have simple tics as well (strange to have them in that order, I believe) and some realted problems. A lot of the time the tics are unnoticable to others (but noticeable to me), as far as I am aware and although I have seen a school nurse who got me to see the school doctor, I have never got as far as being diagnosed (I left school before they could help me any further). I think, though, that I have got 'Chronic Motor Tic Disorder with Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour'.

To cut a rather long story short then - my problem is that I am worried about a particular tic which has recently developed. It is basically a tic I keep doing with the bottom of my chest and the top of my stomach and (I'm not sure how to put this into words exactly) I keep contracting the muscles around there and pulling the bottom of my chest in and I keep doing it and it really hurts sometimes and I'm really worried in case it's damaging to my heart of anything internally. Sometimes I'm sure my heart or something round that area feels wrong - sometimes my heart beats unusually hard after doing it and sometimes I get a feeling like the one you get when your stomach gurgles, but this is like a mild, fizzy feeling which happens occasionally in this place which I can sometimes hear which I'm fairly certain I ahdn't experienced before.

I want to know if this might be bad/harmful/dangerous and whether I should see a doctor about it. Also, has anyone else had this tic?

Please reply, someone and if there are any professionals on here, your reply is especially valued. Thank you.

01-08-06, 02:32 PM
Anything that is of discomfort to you, or appears to be out of the ordinary, I would go see your doctor about. Extended periods of muscle spasms, tics and discomfort with your heart are all things that I would talk to your medical professional about.

01-08-06, 02:41 PM
Also, has anyone else had this tic?

I do this, too, but don't consider it a tic. I don't have any other tics.

I certainly don't do it as "hard" as you; it doesn't hurt me. And I only do it occasionally. I consider it much like "restless leg syndrome". It's an inexplicable "urge" to contract my muscles. I can control it to an extent by ignoring it, kind of like a cramp.

The way I describe the contraction to others is that it's the same "spasm" you would feel when you vomit. Not pleasant, I know.

Good luck with it!