View Full Version : Walking Circles

01-09-06, 12:38 AM
I sidle along the walls in the dark halls of depression,
clinging to silly fears that hide me from greater forces.
I step on my own broken dreams, carelessly cutting the flesh
so that I suffer and learn not to betray my senses.
Sometimes I leap and bound ahead of myself
trying to reach the end before its time--
Which only sends my backwards, with such haste
I relive moments and memories when I'm taken aback
And the streams of tears don't wash away the pain
It pools at my feet, pouring salt into open wounds.
With just one swallow, emptiness fades to the back of my mind
Sheltering me from a sadness I can barely fathom
but loneliness replaces it, temporarily delaying the inevitable.
Whenever the effect begins to wear, I end up here again.
I can't differentiate between what's right and what's easy.
Retracing my steps always takes me in a circle
but going another way could make things even worse
I have to decide which way to go before the darkness consumes me.


The swallowing bit refers to antidepressents...just fyi. :faint: