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01-11-06, 05:23 AM
I red that Attend is good for ADD/ADHD. It's a natural remedies. It's for children with ADHD but can also work for adult with ADD/ADHD. Did anyone of you had try it? If so did it work?

01-11-06, 02:21 PM
It is a vitamin suppliment. It does not really work. You may get some minor benefit from it, but you won't approach a theraputic benefit from taking it.

It is not FDA approaved, or approved by any agency, for the treatment of ADHD.

Basically, it is a scam.


01-11-06, 05:29 PM
Thanks Speedo. Again another SCAM, I am tired of it!!!:mad:

02-12-06, 07:48 PM
I recently buy Attend, it's been 3 days since I'm on it now and it's seem to work a little, it's not as good as adderall but it's seem less hard for me to take adderall breaks. I took 4 attend a day, it's what an adult should take a day, it can be more or less. It's too soon to see any real improvement with attend, it can take 1 to 2 weeks or even a month to feel all the benefit of attend. I'm still unsure if Attend really help and the little improvement I feel can be cause by something else but I find it odd that since I take Attend I feel less foggy when I don't take adderall and it's easier for me to take med breaks but still it's too soon too see if attend really help. Hopefully attend will be a good combination with adderall!

02-13-06, 01:42 AM
I wish you much luck.

At the same time, there's absolutely no vitamin or nutritional supplement ever found via research to work for ADHD.

02-13-06, 01:54 PM
Thanks Mctavish23.:) Maybe Attend alone cannot help ADD/ADHD but Attend plus Adderall may be a good combination? I guess time will tell!

02-13-06, 03:20 PM
Thanks Mctavish23.:) Maybe Attend alone cannot help ADD/ADHD but Attend plus Adderall may be a good combination? I guess time will tell!It seems to me that anything that improves the blood flow to your brain -- exercise, vitamins and mineral supplements, healthful eating, etc. will improve your clarity of thought -- this is true for anyone ADHD or not. It won't work at a therapeutic level, but it may ease things when you're off meds and improve the functioning you get on meds. Just my take.


02-21-06, 03:40 AM
I thought Attend help me at lest to take med breaks but recently I was out of adderall and I felt very fogy, tired and have no motivation, it was a pain for me to wake-up and just to function. The little improveement I had felt and believed was from the attend was I guess cause by something else or if it was cause by the attend well then it doesn't work any more!!! Still I only been on attend for a week and a few days, I need to wait 2 weeks and sometime it can be up to a month to see the full effect of attend!

Attend may not had been so helpful to my ADD but it help to decrease my adderall crash. I used to be very depressed when my adderall start to wear off but once or twice I think attend help me feel less down from my adderall crash. If it had help me feel less down that time I guess it's cause it had been a week since I was on attend 3 capsules twice a day, it didn't help my crash right aways but it still suprising that attend help so
fast for my adderall crash, at lest attend had help me for that but still if attend can be only half of what adderall is when it work it will be a big help. If anyone read this post wish me luck for the Attend and also to be able to get my adderall for this week, I will need it!:)
Peace Sun