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10-10-03, 04:29 AM
Last weekend while browsing at the book shop in a nearby city, I stumbled across the "Dodo Pad" - for people like me who fear they'll become extinct with the stresses and messes of daily life (or somehting like that - what ADDer doesn't feel like that once in a while!) :D

Well I had to get one and it's great, it's an organiser especially for people who are very forgetful and lose things, you can get it for the wall, pocket-size or table-size (i.e. to put next to the phone) and it has a lot of funny bits in it as well to make organising fun.

They are a British company but deliver worldwide, they do lots of other stuff as well, such as address books, gardening tidbits books (to write in notes/planting schedules, to collect cutouts from gardening magazines etc.), travel logs (with diary space, tips, photo pouches etc.) and recipe books (where you can write down your own recipes, sorted by course, and it has pockets for collecting recipes that you've cut out from magazines and so on.

I only have the pad but want to order the other stuff at some point, plus I think the organisers make good presents :-)

10-10-03, 09:24 AM
That pad looks cute :) Good idea!

10-18-05, 01:28 AM
Thanks for the link! I'll definately have to check it out!

I tried a keyfinder before. The kind where you whistle and it goes off. That thing went off ALL of the time. I had to get rid of it. Im always losing things.