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01-22-06, 05:15 AM
I have heard a few things about docs with ADD being even more helpful to the alternative at most experiences.

Can anyone give more insight? I have a good friend who has taken big strides with his doc and his doc is also has ADD/ ADHD.

01-22-06, 05:35 AM
I have heard a few things about docs with ADD being even more helpful to the alternative at most experiences.

Can anyone give more insight? I have a good friend who has taken big strides with his doc and his doc is also has ADD/ ADHD.I think it gives a level of insight and empathy.

My psychiatrist has ADHD. The upside is that he has a lot of good, if sometimes whacky insights. The downside is that he tends to kind of mumble, drift off, tell the same anecdotes several times, and get scattered.

01-22-06, 05:53 AM
^ so he shows the same traits we would but he can also give super insight that we can definitely know he can relate to as well. I guess that is one of those positive effects I was advised about. Thanks U.

01-22-06, 03:02 PM
Well, what can I say? :)

01-27-06, 03:29 AM
My psychologist has ADD - but I'm not sure I knew that when I decided to go see this person because of a word of mouth recommendation. But I do think I found out pretty early on. It has been a positive experience, definitely helpful to have someone who understands from the inside, can relate and give suggestions, knows what it's like to try meds, and also knows what it's like to have ADD symptoms/issues and be a grad student.

Unlike Uminchu's mine doesn't mumble or drift off or seem all that scattered or distracted. The only "drawback" that I've noticed so far is that Dr. seems to run a little behind on appointment times - but that works well for me since I am often running just on time or a few minutes late myself :D ;) ... it could be planned that way too, having a number of ADD clients and knowing we often run a little late (i.e. tell us our appointment is for 10 to 15 min earlier than it's really going to start to make sure we're there), but I'm not sure. I'm not going to ask since it doesn't really bother me and I don't need an excuse to run later than I already do. Heh!

However... the first psychologist I went to also told me that they were ADD and that was not a good fit at all :( :confused: :eek: . I didn't go back after the first visit. This person had overscheduled too many new appointments that day, was tired and distracted, and I think took their afternoon med when I got there. Person noticed they were half falling asleep and excused themselves for a minute to walk down the hall for a soda and was much improved... but I felt this person dwelled too much on my past and relationships and not on the problem I'd come there for help with. Basically it kind of felt like a waste of time and I didn't feel like I had more time to waste by going back and in my gut there just seemed to be a disconnect.

The person I see now also talked some about my past when I first went, but the way it was done seemed relavent/pertinent to a history, things we were discussing, and the things I wanted help with. So the fact that my current doctor works for me isn't just because of the ADD factor but also has to do with what I need, their approach and both of our personalities and the way we interact.

So I think it's good to know that while a therapist with ADD could have some positives and be a good fit, that's not the only factor that is going to affect the rapport and interaction that you have. I think finding someone by word of mouth can also be helpful (do you know someone who's gone to this person about ADD and has been happy with the help/progress?), but again... you will have a different personality etc. and that person who may work great for a friend/acquaintance might not be the best person for you.

Best wishes for finding the right combination of the things you need in a therapist.

01-27-06, 11:51 AM
^ thank you for all that information. I hope I can get a "good fit" without trying too many options. ;)

When it comes to it. I am pretty scared and nervous about it all today. I am having relationship issues and this person is my dearest friend but I don't know if it is me or him or just both of us combined. I just heard him talking in his sleep and it was all about work...He kept mumbling and yelling at once saying, " No not that way and that one doesn't go there it goes here.." and " Stop! Just let me do it- geez "... andmore ramblings like it.

I had never seen him so stressed before. I myself could not sleep. I'm afraid if I don't see a doc soon that I can loose him for not understanding enough or so on. I donno. I have shown impulsive behavior and he has a great tunnel vision when he decides to. It is scary at times. I just want to start working on me so that I can have a good frame of mind for myself and my child as well as my best freind.

Let's hope.

01-27-06, 05:08 PM
I don't know if my therapist has ADD or not (I doubt it actually -- rather reserved about what personal stuff he shares -- and I never knew a reserved ADDer -- he also really sticks by the rules you learn in counseling school for best practice). But in any case, I don't think it necessarily matters. What does matter is having a therapist who really understands the different ways ADD may present itself in children and adults and who is accepting and respectful as well as knowledgable in the best approaches for helping an ADDer deal with the types of issues they deal face.


PS: That said I am a counselor with ADD:p, but I've only worked with one adult ADD client and that was years before I realized I hadn't outgrown mine!