View Full Version : Anyone taking Seroquel?

01-25-06, 07:28 PM
I've been on Seroquel for around 2 and a half weeks for "bipolar". Anyways, my doctor upped my dosage in a weeks time from 100 mg. to 300 mg. which I find to be bad medical practice to begin with but since I'm tired or going from dr. to dr. I'm sticking with this one untill I figure out what I'm gonna do. so far I don't feel any less irritable but I do feel calm but somewhat distant from everything, also I have felt more depressed since upping my dosage. I still have horrible ADD problems with paying attention while people are talking to me, but I feel more emotionally stable which is good, but I still have a problem with flipping things back and forth in my head which is sooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying I hate it so much that I can't escape from it. Is there anyone else out there that is taking this medication, I would like to hear what some of you think about it?


03-06-06, 08:43 PM
hey, I have taken Seroquel. I was in the hospital for severe depression and they put me on it. At first it was cool because I could actually feel the change when I would start to get depressed I could feel the "lift." Something that you should know about Seroquel is that it is commonly used to treat schizophrenia so it has some side effects that over a prolonged period of time could cause some issues with muscle control, etc. I don't remember everything because it has been a few years. I can tell you that it made me tired as I don't know what, it made me de-motivated, but I was misdiagnosed as bipolar when it was really ADD, so maybe it just wasn't for me. I would say look into the long term side effects though if you think you are gonna be on it for a while, just to be on the safe side :)

06-21-06, 09:49 PM
I have been taking seroquel at a very low dosage for almost a year now. I have had a very good experience with it. I am A.D.H.D. with bipolar tendencies- the bipolar tendecies most likely stemmed from the fact that adderrall caused me not to sleep- and then not sleeping caused me to crash after awhile- both emotionally and physically. Thus simulating rapid cycling. But anyways- Here is my experience. Without Adderall- I am much less productive. So i started with adderall and then was misdiagnosed about 5 million times and put on every combination of medicine in the book- until finally- after 4 years- found seroquel. It has been the biggest blessing. I take 150 mg a night (which i worked up to) and then 15mg if adderall in the morning. The seroquel helps me get good sleep (the first time I've actually been able to dream in like forever) and feel alot more refreshed in the morning. The aderrall helps me get up and go plus focus. I've found they work really well together at low dosages. I was very happy with my result- as a college student- i was able to get a much higher GPA- fewer tardies and fewer absences from sleeping in- being unmotivated etc. PLUS- i have not been zombie like/emotion-less, or gained any weight. If you have ADD- this is really a combination you should ask your doctor about or consider. It changed my life and allowed me to reach my potential- I like the person that I am alot more on seroquel. HOWEVER- I will say that I was supposed to up my dosage and did not like the results at all- above 150 it caused me to be a little more sluggish- a little hungrier- with an edge of sedatedness

The key is finding the amount that works for you! You are an individual and should not be treated as a label/statistic/group type or disease. There really shouldn't be a "standard" dosage of seroquel- in my opinion- because no one is a standard- everyone has a unique chemical makeup producing different individual needs. Try the 300 mg and if you don't like it- don't accept it. I know now that 150 is my threshold- despite what any doctor tells me. I know my body and I've tried different dosages and thats what works for me. So my experience with seroquel has been a very good one- give it a chance- but keep experiementing until you find something that not only works- but helps you feel the best you can feel. I didn't know that i could feel this "normal" until i tried seroquel. I was hesitant to try it- so fed up with different doctors and different medications. But this one has really worked for me.