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01-27-06, 10:25 PM
Okay, so I'm a 33 year old male. I've struggled with ADD for a long time....barely coasting through HS and College. Now, it's affecting my work. I'm finally mature enought to confront this, so I have begun trying to seek help.

I met with a physician here in NYC. He tells me insurance will only cover these medications when a psychiatrist prescribes them (I have UnitedHealthCare). Has anyone else heard this?

I'm getting frustrated because I have insurance, I know I have a problem, but how do I find the help?? I'm mean seriously, I could find illegal drugs easier than this, and i'm trying to help myself.

01-27-06, 10:33 PM
Insurance companies will sometimes question certain meds being prescribed when they are prescribed outside a doctor's expertise. Seeing a Psychiatrist should clear that up for you. Though its not unheard of a Family Doc prescribing ADD meds for kids, I'm not sure I've heard/read of a GP prescribing ADD Meds for someone. Of course, I could be wrong.

01-27-06, 10:43 PM

Do you have any recommendations for a shrink in Manhattan? I work downtown and live on 22nd, but anywhere in Manhattan would be okay.

I'm seriously frustrated.

What do I say when I go to the shrink? I feel sort of awkward. I mean, put it this way: I'm 33 years old now and I'm pretty self-aware. However, it's a little strange to walk into a doctor's office and say, "this is what I have". But frankly, I know what my issue is.

Also, I'd like to keep as much as possible under insurance.

Can you give me any advice?

01-27-06, 11:07 PM
Yes, I have a recommendation for you:

Dr. David Lifschutz

611 Broadway, Suite 506
(cross is Houston St.)
NY, NY 10012

R,W Subway is 1 block away (Prince Street station).


Tell him what's bothering you...the symptoms you're noticing. Though it seems pretty obvious to you as to what you have, it won't be to Doc, until you share with him/her.