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02-05-06, 07:11 AM
It's 4.30 in the afternoon, and you arrive home. "I'm hungry!" you think to yourself. You look around - what is there to eat? You have a craving for something light, yet filling enough for a good snack.

This time you feel like something savoury. Mouthwatering Bruschetta!

Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer of toasted bread slices with tomato, basil, garlic.....

This is a short order recipe, but you could make it for more people.

You will need:
A Sandwich press (flat toasted sandwich maker)
a bread (serrated) knife
chopping board
small sharp knife
butter knife (or dinner knife)

Cherry tomatoes
Turkish (pide) bread
Minced garlic or a clove of garlic
olive oil spray or olive oil
Parsley or basil if you want

It's quick, it's simple:
Cut a slice off the turkish bread, 3-4 inches wide, cut that into 3, and cut those in half (so they fold out like a butterfly, but then cut them completely in half so you have 6 thin slices of about 3 by 4 inches).

Spray one side (the side that used to be the inside of the bread) lightly with olive oil spray (or brush lightly with olive oil), and place in the sandwich press. Toast until golden or crispier if you want.

While the bread is in the press, cut cherry tomatoes in half, then make those halves each into quarters (so you have 8 little parts from each tomato). Put these aside. Note that you usually deseed tomatoes in Bruschetta (but you also usually use regular tomatoes), but the seeds will fall out anyway, and it doenst matter if they dont because they are so small.

When the bread is ready, place the slices on the chopping board, and either rub lightly with a clove of (peeled) garlic, or use the butter/dinner knife to spread a small (and i mean the tinyiest littlest amount) of garlic mince (the stuff in the jar). Personally, i dip the knife in, shake it off, and use mainly the garlic flavoured oil that surrounds the little bits of garlic mince in the jar - yuou dont need it strong.

If youre having basil or parsley, rip it or chop it now.

Pick up the pieces of tomato with your fingers, and evenly place it over the slices of bread. Now put on your parsley or basil if youre having it.

Serve in a large white dinner plate. A bread and butter plate is too small, as you need space to lay the bruschetta pieces flat - otherwise all the filling falls off.

Stay tuned for more of My Favourite Snacks.