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02-07-06, 03:07 PM
Im sure you get these threads a lot and im deeply sorry to have to post this, but I would be most appreciative if you would help me in my endeavour to improve myself.

I first thought I may have ADD a few years a go after my parents jokingly suggested I may have it. Now when I suggest the idea to them again they dismiss it. But I have been looking at the symptoms and they seem to fit me perfectly.

*Something I havnt noticed about myself before is that I fidget a lot, moving about and fidgeting is so common place to me that I hardly notice I do it at all. Sitting still and straight is hard for me, I am constantly rocking on my chair or ripping up pieces of paper.

*After being given a task to complete in class I almost always turn to the person next to me and say "So what do we have to do then?". I am usualy listening to the teacher but when they stop talking I have no idea what they have just said.

*I have extreme difficulty in completeing set tasks that involve long or hard focus. I avoid doing such tasks and find distractions, however I can focus for hours on tasks that I enjoy or I am heavily enthusiastic about.

*I am terrible with names and I am constantly loosing class notes and important equipment. I find it difficult to organise myself and my work, when I do get bad marks for essays its because of my bad organisation of words.
I somehow managed to get mainly B's in my last set of exams (GCSE's). But it wasnt down to purely luck, im quite good at exams. When im under pressure I manage to pull myself together somehow and do the work. But even in exams I sometimes get distracted.

*I am a very intelligent and creative person, I just cant get a grip of myself and focus. All my life ive gotten the same kinda reports "Callum has the ability to do well if only he would put more effort into work."

*I start little or even big projects all the time. I have such enthusiasm for projects but I never manage to finish them. Examples of the many projects I have started in recent years: write a film script, write a novel, improve my german, learn italian, learn french, learn spanish, learn html, make a website, learn about computer hardware, start a strange collection. There are too many to count, none of them finished. Im such an ambitous person, I always attempt to read the thickest books and learn the hardest most complicated things. My dad is very much the same, so if I do have ADD it may be a possibilty that he has it too, but im not so sure about that.

*I have a very short fuse, recently I cut my arm realy badly leaving a large scar after punching a window. This was all because my parents were restricting my choices and when this happens, when I am left without any options, I blow a fuse and destroy things. I have always had a short temper.

*I have extreme social problems, I have few friends in real life. Most of my friends are on the net. I have problems socialising with people in person, I have a fear of rejection and I hate approaching people. I often talk over people on accident, I dont know whether its me or the other person thats reading the body language wrong but I imagine it is me.

*I am addicted to my computer, whenever im unable to get on it I get extremely frustrated. I spend a lot of time on the computer, it is a distraction but I know that where ever I try and work I will find distractions.

*I have a low selfesteem, I think very little of myself and I always have. Whenever something good happens to me I wonder why and I am surprised.

All my life ive been told that im lazy and ive just accepted the fact that im lazy. But now im starting to think that it may not be fact. The person I am on the outside is not how I feel on the inside. On the outside im shy and introvert, but on the inside I feel like a person that should talk a lot and be confident. As a child I was more confident and I am very confident with my family, im a completely different person around people im familiar with.
On the outside im lazy, but inside I feel full of enthusiasm and energy. I want to do everything I can in as little time as possible, I want to learn all the languages, read all the books learn everything I can about the world. But ive always felt there is something stopping me, however hard I try I cant seem to get past the problem and im always stuck. Could it be ADD thats stopping me?

My parents are sceptical about whether or not I have ADD. It is hard to diagnos in teens such as myself because I know I dont get as much sleep as I should and it could aslo be dietry problems. But I know its more than sleep and diet thats causing my inability to work.

I realise that its easy to imagine yourself having each symptom, the fact that I want to be able to say that I have ADD doesnt help in self analysis. If I did hav ADD atleast I know id be able to help myself, at the moment I feel helpless. I have spoken to friends who said they also suspected they had ADD but they didnt realy. I realy do think I may have it, what do you guys think?

william tell
02-07-06, 04:21 PM
Sure, sounds good to me. Now what?

02-07-06, 04:47 PM
Sure, sounds good to me. Now what?
If you think this sounds like ADD then that helps a lot. Im gonna book an appointment with my GP as soon as I can. I was gonna do that anyway, but I just wanted to see what everyone else thought.

william tell
02-07-06, 04:51 PM
Oh, in the UK, you are I mean, you can check out some of the subforums if you like, I've read meds are hard to come by in the UK

02-20-06, 12:28 AM
I am new to these forums and have a lot of questions about whether or not I have ADD.

I also often have trouble picking up what other people say. And most of the things I try to say to other people come out wrong or sound dumb- I never speak the thought I had in my mind clearly.

As far as social situations go, I have a lot of trouble making real friends. Most people seem to think I am aloof, dumb, and unable to comprehend much; which is not true. At least I'm starting to believe myself again that it isn't true.

02-20-06, 03:13 AM
So prehaps the hook up with other from your part of the world my be of use possibly

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Hope this heps