View Full Version : Debian newb

02-08-06, 12:03 PM
There is so much talent here I just have to ask. Maybe one day I'll get past the learning curve and move to Debian.

How does one go about dealing with packages that apt won't update?

Can apt update a stock kernel without me having to rebuild a kernel every time?

I've tried numerous times to get past the learning curve of Debian. I'm not a fan of rpm, but rpm has been a way to wean myself off the M$ train, so I'll keep my whining down to a minimum.

It's been a while since attempting to move to Debian, but if I remember correctly, I never solved some issues with apt. I don't recall exactly what the messages were, but basically, the updates would not be completely finish, with some files being left out.

I never learnt to get around that and really didn't have the time any longer to dedicate to my love of *nix systems.