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02-14-06, 06:15 PM
w.....b.....l.....l......... HURT
.o......a.....a....o...... GETS
..r.......n.....u.....v.... STUCK
..d........t......g.....e.. INMY
...s.........e.....h....... THROAT

copyright nmsp 2/14/2006

02-14-06, 06:54 PM




Significant Half/Designated Other/Mate

“Youre not listening to what I’m saying”
“You’re not listening to what I’m saying”

copyright nmsp 2/14/2006

02-15-06, 12:05 AM
G-Ghostlike,Gloomy,Grim and Grimace

R-Rage,React,Recluse,Recover,Reel,Reflect,Regret,Reg ress,Relapse,
Release,Remind,Reminisce,Remorse,Remoteness,Remove d,Replacement,
Resent,and Resignation

I-IceCold,Idle,Immoble,Impact,Impartial,Implore,Impr isoning,Inaccessible,
Imprisoning,Innadequate,Inattentive,Incapable,Inca pacitating,
Incomprehensible,Inconceivable,Incredulous,Indecen t,Indecorous,
Iniquitious,Injurious,Inundating,Insentient,Intern al,Intimate,Intimidating
Irreversible,Irrationational, and Isolation

E-Empty,Endless,Enshroud,Enslave,Ensnarl,Erode, and Expressionless

F-Faded,Falter,Fatal,Fatigued,Fear,Febrific,Fatigued , and Futility

copyright nmsp 2/14/2006

02-15-06, 02:36 PM
Both parts of Just A Me
Can't turn them off except during sleep
But in between.....

ADHD *Don't Forget About Just A Me* Bipolar

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder arises in childhood, in most cases before the age of 7 years, is characterized by differing levels of inattention and/or hyperactive-impulsive behavior, and shows up in one or more major life activities, such as family, peer, educational, occupational, social, or adaptive functioning. There are three subtypes of ADHD: Predominantly Inattentive, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive, and Combined Type.

Just A Me

Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain that affects the way we experience moods. It's often triggered by overwhelming life experiences. The chemicals in the brain, called neurotransmitters, sometimes do not 'communicate' correctly. This 'miscommunication' creates an imbalance of chemicals, which can seriously impact mood.

copyright nmsp 2/15/2006

02-16-06, 11:44 PM
For my fifth birthday, you bought my first Dick and Jane book and read it to me endlessly because I couldn't read it, but I wanted you to read it for me all the time because I loved it..and you did because you loved me so much.

For my sixth birthday, you bought me a Light Bright game, and marveled at all the creations I came up with, and supplied endless batteries for me when I would leave it on all night long...and laughed when I would leave the pieces all over our house.

For my seventh birthday, you bought me an Easy Bake oven, and laughed when I melted candle wax in the cake pans because I was trying to make my own candles in it, and ruined the pans.

For my ninth birthday, I wished I would see you again.

I stopped wishing on my birthdays.

copyright nmsp 2/16/2006

02-20-06, 03:21 AM
Underneath my invisibility cloak I can:

Talk and never worry that you’ll tell me to be quiet
Have many dreams and interests and never lose hope that they’re ‘worthless’

Laugh with total rapture

Create, analyse and create again

Never have my spirit crushed

Cry and never have you see my tears

Reflect on the subjective qualities of time

Fall apart from emotional exhaustion

copyright nmsp 2/19/2006

03-01-06, 05:25 PM
Prisms catch the sun's rays
Reflecting off of my dancing eyes
Out onto my unexplored adventures

out into a grin, I open my car door, and head out to start exploring them.

copyright nmsp 3/1/06

03-04-06, 05:49 PM
When emotions swirl around like a vortex
threatening to bring me under...
When thoughts wrap around like a glove
wrapping so tightly nothing else gets through....

A Human Pin Ball...
Bouncing from:

Emotions to Thoughts
To Emotions to Thoughts
To Emotions to Thoughts
To Emotions to Thoughts

I realize suddenly that I'm able to stop pulling back
on the lever for a moment and that....

"I/Me/Core Self" will always persevere

No matter the:

Emotions or Thoughts

copyright nmsp 3/04/06

04-09-06, 03:08 PM
She, sutures the last stitch, and pulls off her surgical gloves.

He, cradles the singed infant in his arms, as starts climbing down the ladder.

He, shuts the door behind him, as she cries and tries to conceal her bruises with makeup.

She, re-edits her work with vigor, as she sends her assistant to buy her son's birthday present.

He, plays piano every Wednesday night, at the local nursing home.

She, shakes the child, hard, because he won't stop crying.

She, gives five dollar bills with an honest smile, to any homeless individual she encounters.

He, has no remorse, about saying or doing anything to gain what he wants.

And they all meet at the Masquerade Gala...

They whirl...
And they twirl.....

Their evening gowns shimmer....
Their tuxedos glimmer....

Temperatures rise...
Music drowns sighs....

Spinning from one enigmatic partner....
To the next...

Hoping to find....
The One Who Fits Best....

Before the time is up....
And their heart pounds in a frantic beat....

For without the Masquerade Gala...................
How would they ever meet.................

copyright nmsp 4/9/06

06-27-06, 03:20 AM

as it eradicates joy with one smear


as it gulps down my creativity in one bite


as it obliterates my dreams

copyright nmsp 06/27/2006

12-02-06, 07:39 PM
To Ian
May you always a"muse"


Prized commodity
If I possess more Hackles
Powerful shall I be

I will capture Hackles
With a trap and a snare
And soon own enough Hackles
To fill my dark lair

But Hackles are clever
Caught not shall they be
For while I crouch defensively
Hackles built a cage
Around me

copyright nmsp 12/02/2006

12-09-08, 03:44 AM
Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt

I am the seed that flourishes, with neither soil nor water
The vine that twines and suffocates all who my unauthorized entrance
I am the subtle vibration that shatters the frequency of creation
Within a breath to be exhaled and echo of retreating footsteps
I am the salt in ancient teardrops and imprints of currrent scars
The silent voice who speaks to kings and beggars alike
I am beyond a shadow
Of a doubt

copyright nmsp 4/12/2008