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02-20-06, 11:02 PM

ok heres the deal people,

this community is great, in fact it's better than great it's excellent, the people are kind, the threads are interesting and the replies...oh the replies are interesting...

Kokomo and I feel that although the forums are incredible the chat room is nowhere near as good, no ones there and do you know why?, of course you do!, it's because theres no one there to talk to!

so, we've found a problem, what do we do? we find a solution.

I'm a student not the most exciting guy in the world admittedly but i have alot of time on my hands, i'm gonna be in the chat room for as much as i can (pretty much 24/7) so i'm gonna be lonely in there all by my lonesome, i'm gonna be needing people to chat to.

together we can make this lonely chat room into a thing that ADDF can be proud of, a thing of which we can be proud to be members of.

let me hear ya and let me see ya, come to the chat room and watch the chatting community grow as much as the forums have!

side note: i would like to thank the admins and moderators for adding in useful features like chat, i feel it could help some people, people who don't like to wait for a response ;)

02-20-06, 11:04 PM
I do think the chat room could be a lot of fun. With my type of ADD, following three or four conversations at once would be ideal!! LOL! Anyway, is there a time when most people or at least some people mught be willing to chat? Just would like to try it with a group of us. Maybe you "veterans" tried before and it was a bust, but as a rookie, I think it could be neat.