View Full Version : I'm ADD and my mom has fibromyalgia

02-21-06, 03:54 AM
Hi, I was writing to try to get some help. My mom has fibromyalgia and with that many memory problems, since I am her primary care giver (for lack of a better term) she relies on me to remember things for her. This causes a problem because I am ADD and have enough trouble remembering things for myself let alone all of the complicated things for her. I am under a lot of stress because of this situation and I feel like I'm letting her down every time I forget things. Does anyone know of any treatments, medicines, regiments, anything that can help her with her memory??? I would really really really like something to help her, not only because of the toll it puts on me but also because of how low she feels about not remembering things. Any help at all would be appreciated

02-21-06, 07:59 AM
With Fibro-fog many doctors would recommend some type of sleep aide, muscle relaxer, and/or antidepressant. It has been shown that due to our lack of restorative sleep we suffer from absent mindedness, short-term memory loss, cognitive fog, etc. Personally none of these have enabled me to reach the deep sleep that I need and then be able to function in the morning, but they can be an option for your mother.

Some of the best ways to improve memory is to exercise the, mind crossword puzzles, reading, etc. are excellent ways to do this. It has helped me significantly to have many reading projects in a short period of time. For instance, I would, in one setting, read a few pages of self-help, fiction, and non-fiction books, each stimulating my memory and a different section of my brain. It is difficult at first but over time it does improve. I have found that my work here at the forums is also another outlet similar to this method with the addition of personal interaction which is VERY beneficial to memory stimulation.

The only other suggestion that I can give to both of you really isn't about "improving" memory but to develop a system that enables BOTH of you to be involved in the daily rituals and activities, may it be a planner, sticky notes, etc. There are many options to be organized and to keep track of your schedules; the key is finding the best fit.

Good Luck :)