View Full Version : am i the only one who can get in???

02-21-06, 07:03 AM

02-21-06, 11:11 AM
It's flakey but I'm in. There has never been a vibrant chat culture here, but that's not to say we can't have one. I like to chat, but people pop in and out of chat here that even if I'm on idle I almost never catch anyone before they are gone again.

Maybe winduhs users haven't figured out the benefits of tabbed browsers, I don't know. It's a frustration for me regardless of the cause.

There have been periodic splashes of big fun chats in the past, but when I check over the last few months there is never anyone in there. There is a sound feature that you can turn on to let you know when someone posts in there while you are away doing other things and that helps pass the time while you wait and hope that someone else might stop by. Posting in here usually helps some too.
See ya there sometime.