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02-21-06, 02:06 PM
I am going to work on my sales pitch for the REBT...because I just read it myself, and it sounds horrible. From so many posts I've seen, I really think many would benefit from a more detailed and appealing sales pitch will come soon

02-21-06, 02:08 PM
I agree....I have been studying this a little too after reading a thread or two. I took the pretest and had like 6 categories of thoughts or beliefs that might be definitely or moderately affecting me.

02-28-06, 08:21 AM
Hi Lettie,

This sounds very interesting to me. This is something I have been working on with myself for years and I am totally open to more info on this. Sorry I'm not around for long. I find that I get lost on-line and then everything around me falls apart so I try to limit my time and I don't get into trouble that way. One day when I get a chance, I'll tell you about something that happened a number of years ago on a forum and chat I was in. Hope you are having a good week. Dee