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02-24-06, 06:57 PM
Ok so I am sort of weirded out by this because I tend to take my work really serious and it is real to me and sacred in a way.. and wow that was a long run on sentence... LOL but here goes...

"Lost Soul of Light Am I...

A lost soul of light..
Turning in to the darkness, the overshadowing
of those who live truth and love freely
A dying heart...
One wishing to hear the melodies of sweet voices
to bring tranquility and at once yearning deeply
For the beating sensations of life without anguish.

One that loved... with thy own explanation of this word

I "loved" too much it seems
now enough to be alone.
In all the labors of my thoughts
in the torments of each day

For what could have been

What should have been?

Friendship alone

Friendship alone should have been, could have been.

The last time now this soul will show itself in heaven
Hindering thoughts of Thanks

Knowing its truth which burns as acid diminishing

whispering... Goodbye, I love you and good luck".


03-01-06, 08:56 AM
No, wait!... Don't comment so quickly ... I can't catch up with all these responses... :rolleyes: