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02-24-06, 09:40 PM
i'm 28 and was diagnosed a year and a half ago with ADD.. I've been on 15mg of AdderallXR for the past year.. Before that I tried Straterra but didn't enjoy the fact that i was on it all of the time.. I come from a family of alcoholics, my mom and several aunts, and brothers and my biggest fear is that i will become one.. but my addiction would be adderall so I make it a point not to take it on the wknds... if i'm on vacation i try not to use it.. i see a psychiatrist and and a therapist but still have that fear of becoming overly dependent or addicted to something.. i also wonder if i will always need adderall.. when i've mentioned my fears of medication to my family thier reaction is simple--they equate taking adderall to being like a vitamin.. which it's not..does anyone have these fears? how do you deal with them??

i'd welcome any feedback=)

02-24-06, 09:53 PM
While I guess I fear addiction in general, if my medications help me deal with my mindstyle, the idea of having to take them the rest of my life really doesn't bother me. But honestly, I would take whatever pills made me feel better so I may be in the minority. I thought Straterra was non-narcotic and therefore low low risk of addiction. If you switched for effectiveness, there is obviously a greater risk with Adderal, but in the big picture, if it helps, wouldn't there be worse things to be addicted to?

02-24-06, 11:00 PM

Here are links to threads on the forum that address stimulant addiction. I think being more informed about this may help your fear.

thread on abuse of stimulants

article about squelching myths regarding ADHD and stimulant meds:

02-25-06, 02:35 AM
Studies have consistently shown that add patients on stimulant medication actually have a far lower rate of substance abuse and addiction than add patients who are not medicated.

It is actually not uncommon to see undiagnosed/untreated add and addictions going hand in hand. Treatment for the add tends to clear up the problems that were leading to the addiction. In addition, despite what you might hear from the Tom Cruise types, it is exceptionally rare for add patients to become addicted to their psychostimulant medication, as this medication has very different effects on add patients than it does on the general population.