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02-25-06, 05:55 PM
Hi there,
Hoping any one can shed a bit of light on a couple of things for me.
1) as you will see i come from the uk well i live on a small island off uk, anyways the point in this info is that after knowing in my gut that my kids were adhd they are noe almost twelve. I have had them assesed for adhd at four
diagnosis was . Mother neets parenting lessons. Well i am a nursery nurse i worked with special needs kis and in main stream. But fine not a prob give us the tips ill gladly take some !! Secondly when they started school at 4 half soon i realised dyslexia could be an issue too. And again no teachers said no no . Ok
well by 7 half got a positive diagnosis for that. I frustrated big time by this point . Questioned adhd again ed psyc said no.

New ed pshy report done 10 yrs 6 mths again no to adhd. ( behavoiur in all areas getting worse)

Finally after feeling this is it persued a fantastic neuro care centre in uk. Have now got diagnosi of child 1 moderat adhd with dyslexia
child 2 moderate adhd mild dyslexia tics ocd.
I spoke also to a previous teacheer of my childrens and when asked if she had ever had a suspicion admitted yes. I want to know why it is that thes people whome parents look up to and place trust in can over look telling and informing of a concern such as this where to omit such a detail can have in my experience have such an enormous detrimental effect in all areas of a childs life and view of the world.
The place where i live will not take on my kids care unless i in effect sever all ties with the uk based centre, where i have found support and hope and a trust after searching and begging for help for years.

Whoops not such a quick question after all !!! Oh did i forgeet to say i have also just been diagnosed from the sam place as high iq and severe adhd.
2) The place i live now i found out yesterday will not take on my care or prescribe to me as the shrinks at hospital do not believe in adhd and that they are concerned about cost to local authority. i am so effing gob smacked and find this highly uyn professional an dis concerting .. how can a proffesional bring into any personal opinion into a medical case and where and what does he suppose will hapen to all the adhd kids currently on the register do when they reach the age to be transferred to adult services.
3) Also what if any links are there with petit mal diagnosed in a family member and fybromyalgia. Thought i may have read some where there is a link
sorry for rubbish spellin gram errors etc (just would frustrate me to amend at this time or should i say cant be bothered !!)
Any way i would be really greatful of any light shedding or help at all many thanks jess

02-26-06, 10:58 PM
I am from the USA, but will do what I can to find some information that will help you.

Here are some site I found that are specificially for the UK- I am not very familuar with your area of the world. Heck I can get lost in my own back yard (lol)

ADD support UK (

Fibromyalgia (

Also provided on a developing site who's link I will provide below the information.

This organisation I have found to be the most useful scource of help, support and advice available in the UK. I would recommend a first course of action to be writing to them for an information pack. They are a registered charity, (No 1041941), so whilst they generously offer their services for free, making a donation might be a thoughtful gesture. I have always dealt with Barbera and Brian Tuffill on (01380) 726710. You can write to:
Mrs Gillian Mead. (President)
1a The High Street,
Dilton Marsh,
Nr. Westbury,
BA13 4DL.

Information source (

links by country, some in other than English---in case? (hey I am saving all this good stuff as you are not the first to ask about ADD in the UK)

BY country some other than english (

I do hope these offer some help.

02-27-06, 05:23 AM
Hi there tammy thank you so much for your help on hooking out this stuff for me really appreciated. jessx

03-04-06, 05:19 AM
I really do hope there is useful information in these links I am so unfamiliar with the UK medical system!!!!!!!

If you find other good sources in your quest please do share. I am trying to save information associated with ADD in the UK and other countries so I can share them with members of those areas.


03-04-06, 06:24 AM
thanks for your help with this ans of course will let you have and links that are any good Jess x