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02-27-06, 06:39 PM

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05-15-06, 09:36 AM
Have you tried the doctors at North Raleigh Primary Care?

05-16-06, 03:16 PM
I have found a wonderful doctor that specializes in ADD. She has it herself and is very helpful. But thanks for the input.

05-17-06, 09:35 AM
I put off my getting diagnosed for years and years then discovered Human Resource Consultants in Raleigh. I use Dr. Katherine Wu whom I think is crazy herself - and a lot of fun! She basically insists on medication! She may not be taking new patients & if that is the case, Dr. Jennifer Schmidt/Susan Catching in Cary is a great place to go as well. They are a family practice so insurance covers office visit and prescription medications plus to get in for an appointment is a matter of a day or two. Hope this helps. :) GraciQ

02-25-09, 06:46 PM
Wondering the same exact thing. I tried with the Dr. Wu that was mentioned earlier, but she said she couldn't fit me in until mid-April :-( She sounded so helpful and nice too, so it was dissapointing.

Also, since the subject of this thread might be misleading...I doubt any of us are here just looking for meds, but by the same token we aren't looking for a doctor who thinks meditation, tyrosine, and a positive attitude will cure everything!

Any help would be wonderful.


03-10-10, 06:52 AM
Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed early in my childhood and prescribed Ritalin and it worked wonders for years. I was prescribed it because all of my kindergarten and first grade teachers complained heavily on my not paying attention, getting up and wondering around, speaking out of turn and basically just not being able to complete any of my assignments. My mom says she was worried that I had a learning disability. I was living with my mom and step-father from K-7<sup>th</sup> grade.

It wasn’t long before I asked my mom if I could go and live with my dad because it was fun there and I didn’t see him much. My dad wasn’t around much. He had a girlfriend who he would stay with every night and would leave lunch money for school.

Anyway, it was my father that took me off the medication. He didn’t believe in it and never had it refilled and although I was perfectly fine with just seeing him some in the afternoon and was overall content with my life, my performance at school was a train wreck. I would never do my homework, I wouldn’t finish assignments in class, I was late for class, I wouldn’t pay attention and would sometimes speak out or act out and get into trouble. I made barely passing grades. I mean I just did scrape by and had to go to summer school almost every year. I think the teachers padded my grades a time or two just to move me along.

After high-school I joined the Marine Corp and boy was that a bad idea. I made it through boot camp and secondary training, but I didn’t make it through the training for what my job would have been. So I managed to get myself out of there fairly quickly.

Then I tried college. I took 4 classes the first semester and have some artwork in some notebooks lying around somewhere.

So college was over and it was off to working in sales. I don’t know how I’ve worked in the places I’ve worked for as long as I did. It must have been my personality and ability to make friends with everyone.
Tragically, each of the jobs ended the same way.

I’ll just describe the most recent.
My last 6 jobs have been business to business sales. At my most recent job I was there for almost 2 years. I messed up a lot while I was there but as I mentioned about personality, naturally I was friends with anyone and everyone who had control over firing me and they would just warn me and warn me and never actually fire me. Finally I was told that the President of the company wasn’t going to put up with my performance any longer and that I had to hit my sales goal. See there was no punishment if you happened to not hit your goal, but there was a very generous salary and all insurances were paid for by the company and matching 401k so he was tired of me not hitting my sales target and not completing any of my order forms and forgetting to follow up on things like I was supposed to.
So I know what I need to do and should be able to do it with no problem but I just couldn’t do it. I would try but I would always end up browsing the internet, reading news sites, sneaking a game in here and there and basically spending at least (no kidding) half my day literally goofing off.
Well, I got fired as you might expect. On top of that we had these MMM (Monday morning meetings) where everyone had to tell about current opportunities and any sizable sales they had recently made and I always hated it so much because I was the last person that would have to speak and I could never remember any of my big opportunities or recent sales and would mess up even with notes because others would always ask questions where you would need to elaborate on what you had said and I was always so embarrassed.
The same thing happened at each of the jobs I’ve held before that with only slight variations.

I’ve been unemployed since November (without unemployment I should add. I had to cash in my 401k and I’m almost broke with no retirement savings and I’m pushing 31) I had to do something. I know deep down that if I had stayed with my mother and remained medicated, or if my father would have had a different outlook on things and continued my medication. I would have been in control in high-school and made good grades and may have finished college and might hold some prestigious position with a good company right now instead of being unemployed losing each good job I get and somehow bs’ing my way into the next good one.

My doctor that I see for the sniffles here in town is hard core on his beliefs that no one should take medication unless it’s almost life or death so I couldn’t go to him. So I called my old doctor from my hometown (small, country town) and told him I was unemployed, about to lose everything and couldn’t see my doctor to get a refill on my ADD medication, which isn’t entirely untrue but definitely misleading and dishonest in my own opinion.
He told me he wouldn’t do anything on the weekend that he was semi-retired and would only see me at his office. He only works Mon, Weds and Fri from 9am-12pm and if you don’t get there at a decent time you may not see him because there are too many others there already.

So I told him about my childhood and what happened ever since I came off the meds and that Adderall is what I’m taking now and that without it I’m lost. I also told him (and this is true) that since I was fired in November that I’ve had no motivation to look for jobs and the times I would try to go online and do something I couldn't stay focused and would get distracted easily and was having a very hard time studying the interview questions. There was one interview I did go to where I literally couldn't hold a conversation with the interviewer and blew the interview. It was very awkward and embarrassing.
The rest I told him was true about my problems with focus, motivation, paying attention, remembering, getting sidetracked and I told him about how I screw up at work with the easy things, by not doing what I know I should be but it’s just uncontrollable.

So anyway, he asked what mg I was taking and how often did I take it and so I told him what I thought would be right for me and he wrote me a prescription. Now that I’m back on the meds, I’ve managed to get my resume posted on 6 different job sites, I've responded to many different ads with well-written emails and have reorganized my life entirely. Just yesterday I had 12 emails from employers interested in talking with me in person and I have 2 phone interviews tomorrow.

For the first time in years I feel in control again. I’m not abusing the medication in any way. I take one when I get up and take one in the afternoon and have no problem sleeping or any other side effects. It’s such a relief.

Now I’ve realized that I have a problem.
How am I going to stay medicated and stay in control of my life?
Like I’ve said, my primary care doctor will hardly prescribe any medicines and believes in consulting on how to live right by getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising. So I’m going to have to find a doctor that’s sympathetic to my problems and won’t make me go through all the testing with the psychologist and then have to refer me to a psychiatrist and so on…
Even if I didn’t mind it, I’m unemployed and have hardly any money left. So the one thing I’ve got going for me is this bottle that was prescribed to me. I thought that maybe since you guys were on here posting about whom to go see to get prescribed with as little hassle as possible, that one of you might be able to tell me what I need to do.
I’m not seeking a high from pills, I just want to get on with my life, stop ruining jobs and be productive like a normal person should be. So I figure I could tell them about taking Ritalin since childhood and how my father took me off of it without the doctors consent and as a result my performance at school was instantly below standards.
Then I could tell them I’m back on adderall and back in control of things but my doctor is all the way in another city and he’s practically retired working only a few days a week on limited hours and tell them that I’m in need of a local physician that I could start seeing.

My only concern is that they’ll ask if they can request my records from my previous doctor. What on earth what I do then? Now that I’m able to focus and get on with my life, I’m afraid I’ll be back where I started.
Anyway, I’m up early to get myself prepared for a job interview first thing this morning. I’m trying to interview with several companies to give myself as many options as possible. I found this site and thought I’d try to seek the opinions of others. I’m not embarrassed about anything I’ve said here. I’ve been struggling and it’s almost like a survival instinct kicked in and I’ve done what I had to do for now, but now I’m concerned with the future.

So any advice you can offer would be very helpful and welcomed. If you’re not comfortable posting something, please feel free to send me a private message. If you’ve made it this far in my rant (which I would have never written had I not been back on my medication) I’d like to thank you for your time and hope someone out there has some advice for me.

Even though I'm back on my adderall, I hope that I didn't get too sidetracked in my message and confuse anyone.

03-11-10, 04:41 AM
Go get a valid diagnosis from a psychiatrist. Perhaps you can see one on a sliding scale? or wait until you have insurance from a new job?

You need to stop lying and go about getting meds a better way (ie: through diagnosis). Sometimes, doing things the easy way will bite you in the butt, especially when you lie.

03-14-10, 01:05 PM
You need to stop lying and go about getting meds a better way (ie: through diagnosis). Sometimes, doing things the easy way will bite you in the butt, especially when you lie.

I would love nothing more than to go and get a legitimate prescription. I have never lied in the past about anything else. What bothers me is that I have heard from at least 2 people (a co-worker and a friend who definitely has attention problems) that it is a pain in the butt to go through the process. Then they want to put you on other things. My co-worker was on adderall before he moved to NC and the doctor he sees here has him on concerta and he says he hates it. I talked to my mother again and asked her for the name of the doctor that originally diagnosed me, but since it was so long ago all she can remember is that we were living in Durham at the time. She also can't remember what they switched me to but said adderall sounded familiar. I told her what I did recently to get a prescription and she wasn't really mad about it once I told her the progress I've made lately. I was laid off in November and have had no motivation to apply for a job and I've looked back at some of the emails and my resume and it's embarrassing how many mistakes I had made and how some parts just didn't make sense. Now that I got the prescription I've posted updated resume's and also posted an ad on craigslist in almost every state across the US, especially the major cities. See how organized this is:
I hope that link works for you.

Anyways, now I'm getting 10-12 local responses daily and 3-5 legitimate responses from across the US daily.

I'm getting emails that say stuff like this... Quoting an email from a start up business with over $5mil investor money:

Good Evening,
My curiosity and the need of a good sales person prompts this reply to your eloquent posting on Craig's List. Most impressive and rare "article". Please send your CV for our review.

I wasn't able to write stuff like that before. I wouldn't even write posts this long. Bottom line... I was diagnosed, I was medicated for years, I was taken off of it by a parent that was against it and ultimately my highschool and everything since has been ruined by my unintentional flaw of getting distracted and not doing what I know I should do. I just ruined a job making $60-$70k a year, full benefits paid by company, dress down for work, even telecommute some and I would screw up a lot. The only reason I wasn't canned earlier was because I hung out with my manager. When I was given my last chance I knew my job was on the line, but still didn't do anywhere near the work my 3 counterparts were doing. I would browse the internet, or draw something, or work on something from home I snuck in. I didn't want to lose that job. I doubt it will be years until (or if) I find a job as good as that. I'm writing too much, I can see that. I'm just scared that I'll go to a doctor and get put through the gauntlet and fail or I won't be understood and won't end up with anything. I don't want to look for this on the street (not literally, but by networking through friends to find something). I want it from a doctor that can observe me and keep me safe. I already have a heart condition and that needs to be monitored. I'm not seeking a high either. I just want to be right. I actually don't get any feeling from it now. I just have problems sleeping if I take it after 6pm. Anyway, thank you for replying 'livingchaos' even if it wasn't exactly what I was looking. Thanks. :)