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03-04-06, 07:23 PM
You think if someone is nice to you they either want something or they are
from out of town

The public transportation system is known as the "T" and you'd rather drive
in bumper to bumper traffic for 4 hours to get to Boston than be caught
dead on the "Orange Line"

You could own a small town in Iowa for the cost of your house

There are 24 Dunkin Donuts shops within 15 minutes of your house and that
is how you give directions

If you stay on the same road long enough it eventually has three different

53 degrees is "on the warm side"

You've walked to Brigham's for an ice cream cone "to go" in the snow

You cringe every time you hear some actor/actress imitate the "Boston
Accent" on TV

You call chocolate sprinkles "jimmies"

A water fountain is called a bubbler. Say it " bubbla".

You can go from one side of town to the other in less than fifteen

You know how to pronounce towns like Worcester, Haverhill, Peabody,
Scituate, Chatham, and Leominster

You know what they sell at a "packie"

You keep an ice scraper in your car all year round

Paranoia sets in when you can't see a Dunkin Donuts, ATM or CVS

You've pulled out of a side street and used your car to block oncoming
traffic so you can make a left

You've bragged about saving money at The Christmas Tree Shop

You know what a "regular coffee" is!

You can navigate a rotary without a problem

You use the words "wicked" "****a" and "good" in the same sentence

You know what a frappe is

Saint Patrick's Day is your second favorite holiday

You drink tonic and would never consider using it on your hair

You never say "Cape Cod" you say "The Cape"

You went to Old Sturbridge Village and Plymouth Plantation at least
once, in elementary school, but never to Bunka Hill

You know the Mass Pike and 495 create some sort of strange weather
dividing line

You actually get all these jokes and pass them on!

03-04-06, 10:50 PM
and your point would be? :D i live near leominster. and yes, i did not know it wasn't pronounced leo-minster until i moved here. and i still try to correct the telemarketers who insist on saying wer-chester. it's wister. :p

03-05-06, 07:50 AM
point is, see your learning :D

03-06-06, 12:12 AM
I found it wicked funny!

03-14-06, 03:11 AM
This relates to RI also! Love it!

03-14-06, 05:49 AM
That is sooo very cool. I love reading stuff like that, since I have never even been close to Ma. I didn't get a lot of what you were saying soo I'll try to relate it to Texas. I know this is suppossed to be about Ma. so let's just say how are we diff from Ma.

Where people are generally friendly..unless they're from Dallas or driving on the freeway (it's all those dang yankees down here)

The public transportation is called something different in every city..and if they smash one more car, or kill one more pedestrian it will be called extinct

If you want a cheaper house..just move on out from the city a little farther

There are no more Dunkin Donuts...because Krispy Kreme is the bomb..not only are the donuts sinful, but there is a drive-through, and they are stocked in every store you go in to.

You stay on the same road long enough it eventually becomes FM..something (farm to market road)

53degrees is butt cold, and smack in the middle of winter

Don't know about I'll just say either you or someone you know has been cow tipping.

You call chocolate sprinkles..chocolate sprinkles, and considering Texas is one of the most overweights states...i guess we call upon them often

Unfortunately the accents are pretty correct, depending on what part of Texas you are from. My kids don't go to bed..they go to bayed. They play with the dawg(dog), they are always fixin to do something, they see with their iiies, the person married to their uncle in an aant, a male sibling is called bubba, and the words "i'll tell you what" is a complete sentence with complete meaning.

You don't dare drink from the water fountain...or the mounted germ monster

It takes you close to 10 hours to travel from one end of the state to the other

You know how to pronounce Mexia..and find it. (mu-hey-a)

Don't know what a packie is, ....but you know just how many differeny things you can buy at the feed store.

If you ever have the need for an ice probably aren't leaving the house..and if you do..that's what credit cards are for.

Panic and Paranoia sets in any time you find yourself on an MLK boulevard.

You just brag about anything in general.

You know how to make coffee over a camp fire.

A rotary is where the old folks meet to play Bingo

You've used your body to hold a parking place for your friend who is still 10 min away.

You use the words aint, otta, shoulda, fixin, ya'll, didcha, and i'll tell you what..all in the same sentence

You still celebrate when Texas was it's own Republic

frappe??.... i think thems fighten words. :)

Cape Cod is just a drink..and only one them yankees drink

You know there is a special relationship between tornadoes and trailer parks.

You've been asked at least once by a yankee if you ever rode your horse to school.

03-14-06, 07:34 PM
You Know You're From Texas When... You see more Texan flags than American flags.

You know someone who ate the 72 oz steak and got it for free.

You attend a formal event in your best clothes, your finest jewelry, and your Cowboy Boots.

You can write a check at Dairy Queen for 2 Hungr-Busters and fries.

You prefer Whataburger to McDonalds.

You dress up to go shopping at the mall.

You've hung ornaments and tinsel on a tumbleweed and used it as a Christmas tree.

You're disappointed when a food doesn't come in spicy flavor.

You know from experience that rattlesnake meat tastes like chicken.

You can tell a rock from an armadillo at 300 yards.

You know what a 'Cowboy Cadillac' is.

You have both a dog and a brother-in-law named Bud

Your local grocery store sells cactus in the Fresh Produce department

You watch the movie Urban Cowboy and laugh at the phony Texan accents

You choose a brand of Mexican salsa with the same care that another might use to select a bottle of fine wine

You think that the 4 basic food groups are nachos, bar-b-que, fajitas, and Copenhagen.

You refer to the Dallas Cowboys as "God's favorite football team"

You know whether another Texan is from South, West, East, North, or Central Texas as soon as they open their mouth.

You don't consider people from Austin to be real Texans.

Your Pastor wears boots.

There is no such thing as a "secret" sin.

The Blue Book value on your truck goes up and down depending on how much gas it has in it.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Texas.

03-14-06, 07:37 PM
You Know You're From a Small Town When... The "road hog" in front of you on Main Street is a farmer's combine.

The local phone book has only one yellow page.

Third Street is on the edge of town.

You leave your jacket on the back of the chair in the cafe, and when you go back the next day, it's still there, on the same chair.

You don't signal turns because everyone knows where you're going, anyway.

No social events can be scheduled when the school gym floor is being varnished.

You call a wrong number and they supply you with the correct one.

Everyone knows all the news before it's published; they just read the hometown paper to see whether the publisher got it right.

The city limits signs are both on the same post!

The City jail is called amoeba, because it only has one cell.

The McDonalds only has one Golden Arch.

The one-block-long Main Street dead ends in both directions.

Second Street is in the next town over.

There's no place to go that you shouldn't.

A "Night on the Town" takes only 11 minutes.

The mayor had to annex property to eat a foot-long hot dog.

The New Year's baby was born in October.

Running from the cops consists of hiding in the cornfield.

You have to name six surrounding towns to explain to people where you're from.

You have to drive five miles out in the country to smoke a cigarette.

Headline news is who grew the biggest vegetable this year.

There is no point in high-school reunions because everyone knows what everyone else is doing anyway.

Driving cars up and down the main drag is a universal high school experience.

You can name everyone you graduated with.

You know what 4-H is.

You ever went to parties at a pasture, barn, or in the middle of a dirt road.

You said the 'f' word and your parents knew within the hour.

You schedule parties around the schedule of different police officers, since you know which ones would bust you and which ones wouldn't - same goes with the game warden.

You ever went cow-tipping or snipe hunting.

School gets canceled for state sporting events.

You could never buy cigarettes because all the store clerks knew how old you were and if you were old enough, they would still tell your folks.

When you did find someone old enough and brave enough to buy cigarettes, you still had to go out to the country and drive back roads to smoke them.

You were ever in the Homecoming parade.

You have ever gone home for Homecoming.

It was cool to date someone from the neighboring town.

You had senior skip day.

The whole school went to the same party after graduation.

You don't give directions by street names or references (turn by Nelson's house, go two blocks to the Anderson's turn left and it's four houses left of the football field).

The golf course had only 9 holes

You can't help but date a friend's ex-girlfriend.

Your car stays filthy because of the dirt roads, and you will never own a dark vehicle for this reason.

You think kids that ride skateboards are weird.

The town next to you is considered "trashy" or "snooty" but is actually just like your town.

Getting paid minimum wage is considered a great job.

You refer to anyone with a house newer than 1980 as "rich" people.

The people in the city dress funny, then you pick up on the trend a few years later.

You bragged to your friends because you got pipes on your truck for your birthday.

Anyone you want can be found at either the Dairy Queen or the feed store.

You see at least one friend a week driving a tractor through town.

Football coaches suggest that you haul hay for the summer to get stronger.

Directions are given using "the" stop light as a reference

The city council meets at the coffee shop.

Your letter jacket was worn after your 19th birthday.

You have ever taken a trailer or dog to school on a daily basis.

Weekend excitement involves a trip to the grocery store.

Even the ugly people enter beauty contests.

You decide to walk somewhere for exercise and 5 people pull over and ask if you need a ride.

Your teachers call you by your older siblings names.

Your teachers remember when they taught your parents.

You can charge at all the local stores.

The closest McDonald's is 45 miles away.

So is the closest mall.

It is normal to see an old man riding through town on a riding lawn mower.

Everyone who played sports had to play on every type of team, or there wouldn't be enough people to have a team.

Being able to hit a road sign with a beer bottle while driving down the highway is considered a necessary skill.

A cool vehicle had big tires or a bad-*** stereo.

You can remember when your town finally got cable.

Driving to the party on a four wheeler is quite normal.

You thought the 30-year-old guy that still was at all the parties was cool.

The town population increases by one-third when the universities go on break.

The best burgers in town are at the rink.

You know exactly where to go when the party is at "the lake".

You lost your virginity at a bush party.

03-14-06, 09:43 PM
Pembroke...I am laughing so hard. That was the best. You obviously know texas. I think the only thing missing is....if you ever had to duck down to fit your hair inside your truck.

03-14-06, 09:51 PM
love that song!!!

"As Good As I Once Was"

She said, "I'e seen you in here before."
I said, "I've been here a time or two."
She said, "Hello, my Name is Bobby Jo
Meet my twin sister Betty Lou
And we're both feeling kinda wild tonight
And you're the only cowboy in this place
And if you're up for a rodeo
We'll put a big Texas smile on
Your face" I said, "Girls,"

I ain't as good as I once was
I got a few years on me now
But there was a time back in my prime
When I could really lay it down
And if you need some love tonight
Then I might have just enough
I ain't as good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was

I still hang out with my best friend dave
Ive known him since we were kids at school
Last night he Had a few shots
Got in a tight spot hustlin' a game of pool
With a couple of redneck boys
One great Big bad biker man
I heard David yell across the room
"Hey buddy, how 'bout a helping hand."
I said, "Dave,"

I ain't as good as I once was
My how the years have flown
But there was a time back in my prime
When I could really hold my own
But if you wanna fight tonight
Guess thouse boys dont look all that Tough
I ain't as good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was

I used to be hell on wheels
Back when I was younger man
Now my body says, "You can't do this boy"
But my pride says, "Oh, yes you can

I ain't as good as I once was
Thats just the cold hard truth
I still throw a few back, talk a little smack
When I'm feelin bullet proof
So don't double dog dare me now
'Cause I'd have to call your bluff

I ain't as good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was
Maybe not be good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was

You Know You're From Worcester When... You say bubbler instead of water fountain.

You live on a "private road" that is unpaved and more rutted than roads in rural Domican Republic.

You think of $280,000 as cheap for a house.

You know what a Fisher Cat is.

Your school classes were canceled because of frozen and burst pipes.

You know how to say Shrewsbury (shoes-bree), Worcester (Wusta), Marlborough (Marl-Bro), Leicester (lester), Leominster (lemon-ster).

The mention of Bill Buckner makes you cry.

You think nothing of comuting two hours each way to work.

But you think people who drive 30 minutes to get to church are weird.

You think 70 degrees is hot and a perfectly fine time to go to the beach or pool.

You know what Turtle boy is and wonder why anyone would make a sculpture of a man humping a turtle.

You know the holy trinity is Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and, Friendly's. There's at least 2 of the three on any major intersection.

03-14-06, 09:54 PM
You Know You're From Cape Cod When...

You know where Truro is

You refer to most of the world as "off Cape."

Stuff that is open until ten is "late" and staying out until eleven is a "late night out."

You get pulled over driving on Rt 6 in Eastham at least once a week.

You know where the Cape Cod Tunnel is.

You have to drive NORTHWEST to get to Boston.

You can see a lighthouse's light from your house at night.

You've gotten busted for drinking on the Outer Beach.

You think Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are overrated.

You hate tourists with a passion.

You understand the difference between "Upper Cape" and "Lower Cape."

You know 4 C's is really 13th grade.

You've seen a Cape League game at least 50 times.

Despite living in New England, your school never used more than 3 snow days...EVER.

You work more than 40 hours a week in the summer...when you're 14.

You can watch the sunrise and sunset on the water in the course of 24 hours.

Your parents own a small business.

You've helped unstrand either dolphins or whales.

You think the most exciting things in life are over "the bridge."

03-14-06, 09:57 PM
You Know You're From Martha's Vineyard When... You refer to everything besides the Vineyard as off-island.

Walking through a pond to get to a beach party is normal.

Driving on the highway is scary.

Paying 2.16 a gallon is normal for gas.

You've found out that you dated your cousin.

You know everything about everyone on the island.

You think Nantucket sucks.

You think Circuit Ave. is the place to be in the summer.

Giordano's opening means the beginning of summer.

You've been pulled over at least once driving through Vineyard Haven at night.

A tourist has asked you, "People really live here all year long?"

Up-island is so far away.

You've been pulled over by Trophey.

You've seen Bill Clinton at least once.

You've eaten at the famous Black Dog like twice in your whole life.

You refuse to drive through Vineyard Haven during the summer.

You know what Biga, Humphry's, Alley's and Dockstreet are.

You know that South Beach is for the College Kids and Tourists.

Oaks Bluff and Mihisma are not part of your vocabulary.

Off-islanaders assume you are rich yet you don't seem to know a single person who is.

You considered Oak Bluffs the ghetto of the Vineyard.

Taking a boat to get anywhere is normal to you.

You're out to dinner and Val Kilmer sits right next to you.

You know that smoking weed is just part of the island tradition.

You've been to at least 5 beach parties in the last year and 4 of them have been broken up by the cops.

You still refer to Aquinnah as Gay Head

Your road rage is ten times as bad during June as it is in January.

You still drive through the Blinking Light forgetting the stop signs.

You've been to late night munchie stops at Cumbys because that is the only place open till midnight.

03-14-06, 10:04 PM
Sorry Paula, can't help myself: :p

You Know You're From Maine When...

You've had arguments over the comparative quality of Fried Dough.

You call four inches of snow "a dusting."

You don't understand why there aren't fried clam shacks elsewhere in the county.

You know what an <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Irving</st1></st1:city> is and the location of 15 of them.

You knew all the flavors at Perry's Nut House.

Your car is covered in yellow-green dust in May.

You can drive the <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Augusta</st1></st1:city> traffic circle without slowing down.

You've hung out at a gravel pit.

You think a mosquito could be a species of bird.

You once skipped school and went to Bar Harbor, <st1 ="">Old</st1><st1 =""> Orchard</st1><st1 =""> Beach</st1> or <st1 =""><st1 ="">Reid</st1><st1 =""> State Park</st1></st1><st1 =""></st1>.

Even your school cafeteria made good chowder.

You've almost fallen asleep driving between Houlton and Presque Isle.

You know how to pronounce <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Calais</st1></st1:city>.

You've made a meal out of a <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1 ="">Jordan</st1></st1:country-region>'s red dye hot-dog, a bag of Humpty Dumpty potato chips and a can of soda.

You've gone to a Grange bean supper.

In high school, you (or a friend) packed Deering Ice Cream cones.

At least once in your life, a seagull pooped on your head.

At least once in your life you've said, "It smells like the mill in here."

There's a fruit and vegetable stand within 10 minutes of your house.

You crave Italian sandwiches at least weekly.

Your house converts to a B&B every July and August for people from away that you happen to know.

All year long you're tracking sand in the house-from the beach in the summer and the roads and sidewalks in the winter.

You have to have the sand cleaned out of your brake system every spring.

You do the majority of your shopping out of Uncle Henry's.

You've ditched the car on the side of the road somewhere because you thought you saw some good fiddleheads!

You know a lobster pot is a trap, not a kettle.

You know not to plant tender crops until the last full moon in May.

You go to the dump and bring back more than you brought.

You've watched "Murder she Wrote" and snickered at the stupid fake accents.

You know how to find the rope swing at the quarry.

You take the <st1:state w:st="on"><st1 ="">New Hampshire</st1></st1:state> toll personally.

You always wave when you see a <st1:state w:st="on"><st1 ="">Maine</st1></st1:state> license plate in another state.

When you're supposed to dress up, you wear flannel with a tie.

There's too much "stuff" in your 2 "cah" garage to get either of your cars into it.

You know what a frappe is.

L.L. Bean's not just a store, it's a way of life.

"The City" means exclusively <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Portland</st1></st1:city>.

"Salt damage" is a viable insurance claim.

All of the traffic lights blink yellow at 10 o'clock at night.

It's not a storm - it's a Nor'eastah.

"Open 24/7" might as well be Greek.

More stores have "Bienvenue" flags than "Welcome" flags.

You eat ice cream with flavors like 'Moose Tracks" and "Maine Black Bear".

You know that a chocolate doughnut is not a white doughnut with chocolate frosting.

You wouldn't eat beans in tomato sauce or Manhattan clam chowder if you were starving!

As a child, you played outside in a snow storm without hat, mittens, scarf and with your jacket open because it was just a little cool.

The area around your back door is referred to as "the dooryard".

You eat potato chips with flavors such as "clam dip", "ketchup" and "dill pickle".

You call the basement "downcellah."

There is only one shopping plaza in town. .

You use "wicked" as a multipurpose part of speech

Your pickup has more mud on it then the ground around it for a 15 foot radius.

More than 1/2 the meat in your freezer is moose.

You enjoy a hot chocolate more than a margarita.

If your "luxury vehicle" is a twelve-year-old rustbucket on wheels.

If your dog eats better than you do, and more often too.

If you never say what you paid for an item but how much you "give" for it.<o =""></o>

03-14-06, 10:07 PM
You Know You're From Connecticut When...
You have hiked up a big hill or small mountain at least once for a keg party.

You never went to a bar in high school.

You thought that the only highways were 91 and 84.

You thought everyone couldn't buy beer after 8 pm

You actually thought that Hartford was big

You or someone you know has attended UCONN

You drive a JETTA

You still think that the Whalers are cool.

You have been to Misquamicut and to that little hot dog place.

There is a farm within miles of your house

You thought bars were really for people over 21

Your high school thanksgiving football game was the highlight of your school year.

You don't have an accent when you talk

You have known at least 2 preppy rich kids from <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Fa</st1></st1:city><st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">irfield</st1></st1:city> who listen to Phish.

You love Hilton Kaderli and your mom cried when he retired.

UConn basketball rules and no one can tell you different

You have deer in your backyard.

You didn't drink or do drugs until 10th grade.

You still don't understand why people say that <st1:state w:st="on"><st1 ="">Connecticut</st1></st1:state> is the richest state.....

Your best friend went to Central, Western, Eastern and finally <st1 =""><st1 ="">Manchester</st1><st1 =""> Community College</st1></st1>.

Your mom works at Travelers and your dad works at Pratt and Whitney.

You have been drunk at the Meadows and don't remember the concert.

You go to <st1:city w:st="on">Riverside</st1:city> at least once a summer

Your parents actually care about the Governor, the Patriots coming to <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Hartford</st1></st1:city>, the lights at Christmas in Hartford & Channel 3 news.

You have a UCONN flag outside of your house year round

You think New Jersey was a toxic waste dump

You hang out at Denny's

You've partied at bonfires

You have at least one friend with a pickup

You think everyone works tobacco in the summer

You think Old Lyme is a shore town

You've been to Cape Cod

You think the Connecticut River is endless

The town diner is the only place open after midnight.

You have at least 4 friends who drive Jeep Grand Cherokees

You root for all the New York sports teams

If anybody asks, you're from just outside of New York.

You've never looked at a public bus schedule

You have both girlfriends and guyfriends with the same name as you.

You go to the diner late night to post party.

You think <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">New Haven</st1></st1:city> is the worst ghetto you've ever seen

You can proudly tell an outsider about Nutmeg.

You weekend either on the Cape or <st1:state w:st="on"><st1 ="">Rhode Island</st1></st1:state> at a summer home

You have said... " I'm in a good location... Between both <st1:city w:st="on">Boston</st1:city><st1:state w:st="on"><st1 =""> and New York</st1></st1:state>.

You can carry on a conversation about Mike Liut, Torrie Robertson, and the Brass Bonanza.

You have to explain Cow Tipping to people from out of state.

When you go to a real city, you sincerely feel bad for every poor / homeless person you see.

You get ****ed at anyone who doesn't know how to drive in the snow.

You can name all the members of the UCONN men's and women's basketball teams.

You still can't find your way in <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Hartford</st1></st1:city> (except for that bar area near Union Station.)

You hold the door open for someone and they don't say "Thank You."

You own a golden or a lab (used to...)

You own real Oakley's

You only know Westbrook and Clinton because they have good outlets

You don't think you're a yuppie, but the rest of the country does

You only ski in Vermont or out West

Your mother is the head of the PTA

There is absolutely nothing to do in the winter

You live twenty minutes form either an Abercrombie & Fitch, J. Crew, or GAP.

You sail, or know someone who does.

You don't understand why everyone else has not been to <st1 ="">Europe</st1>.

You can't get through the week with out a Coffee Coolata

Your family owns more cars than legal drivers

School attire is a North Face fleece jacket, a North Face Fleece or L.L. Bean back pack, a plaid shirt, khakis, and Doc Martins.

Summer footwear is either Reefs or Birks

You carry your keys on a carabineer, but you don't know how to rock climb.

You feel for the homeless, but are not willing to give up the golf course land to develop a homeless shelter.

As a child you took horseback riding, golfing, tennis and swimming lessons.

You grew up wanting to be a lifeguard

You own every DMB CD

The state is so small you know where all the speed traps are

You can't understand why people don't understand what your talking about when you refer to a "package" store

You went to prep school even though your public schools are awesome

People actually wear sweaters around their necks

You've never taken public transportation

You know of at least one person who's house was totally trashed after a huge party

Your mom drives a Volvo wagon

You have at least one friend whose house was built in the 1800's

You live in a huge colonial

You know at LEAST one person who has been pulled over and found to have weed in their car

The only overcrowding is of deer in your backyard

Your house would cost half as much in any other state

Your wardrobe contains at least three pairs of cords and five wool sweaters

Half of your friends are from another town because yours is so small

At least one of your friends has a sick house right on the water.<o =""></o>

03-14-06, 10:22 PM
You Know You're From New Hampshire When...

You say "wicked" instead of "really."

Your idea of a good meal is Katie's Country Kitchen

You drive a Suburu

Half of your clothes are from L.L. Bean

You rather vacation in New Zealand than Florida

Motorcycle Weekend is the highlight of your summer

When you take your yearly trip into Boston, you "pak ya cah in Havad Yad"

"Vacation" means going to Burlington for the weekend.

You go out of state and don't understand what "tax" means on your receipt

You think of the major food groups as venison, beer, fish, and berries.

You refer to the Patriots as "we".

You can identify a <st1:state w:st="on"><st1 ="">Massachusetts</st1></st1:state> accent.

You can visit <st1:state w:st="on">Berlin</st1:state>, <st1:city w:st="on">New London</st1:city>, <st1:city w:st="on">Bethlehem</st1:city>, <st1:city w:st="on">Lisbon</st1:city>, <st1:country-region w:st="on">Lebanon</st1:country-region> and <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Dublin</st1></st1:city> all in one afternoon.

Down South to you means <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Boston</st1></st1:city>.

You consider <st1:city w:st="on"><st1 ="">Manchester</st1></st1:city> exotic.

You don't have a coughing fit from one sip of Ballantine Ale.

You can actually pronounce Kancamagus.

You know what a bubbler is.

Your neighbor throws a party to celebrate his new machine shed.

You go out for fish fry every Friday.

You can recognize someone from <st1:state w:st="on"><st1 ="">Massachusetts</st1></st1:state> from their driving. <o =""></o>

03-14-06, 11:10 PM
OK do you know so much about all those places? lived in them all... or just insanely smart.

by pembroke
As Good As I Once Was"

She said, "I'e seen you in here before."
I said, "I've been here a time or two."
She said, "Hello, my Name is Bobby Jo
Meet my twin sister Betty Lou
And we're both feeling kinda wild tonight
And you're the only cowboy in this place
And if you're up for a rodeo
We'll put a big Texas smile on
Your face" I said, "Girls,"

I ain't as good as I once was
I got a few years on me now
But there was a time back in my prime
When I could really lay it down
And if you need some love tonight
Then I might have just enough
I ain't as good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was that you? :p

I am staying right here in this spot..feels warm and cozy like home.

ok pembroke..this is one of my all time favorites.. do you know or like this song?

Welll..the Lord made me hard to handle
Lovin me might be a long shot gamble
so before you go and turn me on
be sure that you can turn me loose
cause i still got a lotta leavin left to do

***not singin that song to you.. :) just a little funny motto of mine..wanted to see if you'd heard it

03-15-06, 08:41 PM
Dierks Bentley -- and no, I haven't lived in all those places, but I do google well.... :D

03-15-06, 09:35 PM
Since this apparently doesn't just have to be about MA...

<TABLE borderColor=black cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width=400 align=center border=1><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle bgColor=#ccffff>You Know You're From Tennessee When...</TD></TR><TR><TD align=left bgColor=#ffffff>You've never met any celebrities....other than Fred Thompson

"Vacation" means going to the family reunion.

You know all 4 seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer and Christmas.

You laugh when people from anywhere north of TN tries to say or spell "y'all"

It's "Mar-vull" not "Mary-ville" :D :D :D (Yay Maryville!!!)

It's "Knox-vull" not "Knox-ville"

A tabogan is a hat, not a sled. When moved from MA, very confused about that one! ;)

You butter your hot biscuit by cutting it open, putting a slab of butter inside and closing it back up again.

Every town in East Tennesse has a "strip" and they're not particularly safe to be in at night.

Pigeon Forge is not pronounced with a French accent.

Gatlinburg does have an "L" in it and it should be pronounced.

Sales tax is 9.5%.

You shop at Walmart for groceries, not at a grocery store.

You don't drive in Knoxville on game-day. EVER.

You or your friends chew.

You can't remember the last time you saw snow.

You have a "**** on" sticker on your car window

You know when Elvis Presley Day is

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Tennessee.

Some more I thought up...

You know the words to "Rocky Top" by heart.

You think Vols orange actually looks good on people.

You know someone who has so many junk cars and parts in their yard that their neighbor died in their backyard and they couldn't find him for a week. (True story!!!)

Half of your high school is absent for the opening of deer huntin season.

You feel completely comfortable speeding down windy mountain roads at 90 mph but one inch of snow and you're house bound for a week.

Calhoun's has the best ribs, hands down.

You do fireworks in your backyard on the 4th of July, but head to Knoxville to Boomsday on Labor Day.

It's just not the end of the school day unless the pick up truck flying a confederate flag plays "Dixie" on his horn.

You know a line dance to just about any song.

Your address says "Maryville" but you do not live in Maryville, you live in the county.

You pronounce Massachusetts as either "Massatusiz" or "Massatoosh*ts."

03-15-06, 09:48 PM
Sorry, i kind of messed up the thread being about Ma. focus focus focus.

ok..i know still not about Ma...but my Texas baby is three...she's never seen snow. I know i've heard of that. The city folks use that for findin stuff.

So now the saying should be.. it's not what you know OR who you know... but what and who you google

03-15-06, 09:53 PM
I made the connection about how TNans pronounce MA ;) Brought it all together!

03-16-06, 09:04 PM
"I can't think about this now. I'll go crazy if I do. I'll think about it tomorrow."

"Fiddle dee dee...This... talks is spoiling the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream."

-Scarlett O'Hara (a true philosopher ;) )
she most certainly was! love that gal.

03-16-06, 10:02 PM
:D GWTW is my favorite movie, and she is my favorite character of all time!