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03-06-06, 02:00 AM
I have got a lot better domestically than I was when I was single. I would be too ashamed for my husband to see how I lived so having someone else around apparently has really helped. Still have a long long way to go to get organised though and he has got very irritated with me on and off because of it all.

The kicker is, we bought a business last year about the time I was diagnosed with ADD. The studio is 3300 square feet. So now I have home and work to fight against.

My daily uphill battle to stay motivated, organised and remotely on top of things trippled in size with the studio.


Now the lack of organisation is affecting the business. I often can't find things, don't have systems set up.

The good side of it all is that I feel so overwhelmed by having the studio to maintain, that I worry less about the house lol :o