View Full Version : One big distraction

03-07-06, 07:18 AM
She was my distraction everything I wanted and cared for was her. A bit obessive yes I admit what is so wrong about being in love ,or giving love?
She took my mind away from day to day mudane tasks my escape my hope my vision. Strving for everything ,yet for her I'll stop anything. We were good friends so I thought, She liked me so she said.

HOw can it be true she liked me I thought ,or better yet how could it be true. Time and Time again it was all false.

I should've known from the start something that makes you feel that good yet so joyful is usually to good be true like many other things efect you the same way the withdrawl is a pain.

Now time to figure out how to withdrawl my thoughts of her atleast she is still distracting me though.