View Full Version : Need Help-moving To Minnesota And I Have Questions!!

03-08-06, 02:47 PM

I have been trying so hard to find a chat to speak to people from MN-you would think it was easier than what it was! Anyhow, my family will be moving to Minnesota(around the Twin City area) by the middle of April. The thing is, we don't know ANYTHING about the place. I would like to know how culturally diverse it is as well as suggestions on where to stay (and please describe the areas so I can understand the area better) Also, where the surrounding suburbs are relative to Minneapolis and St. Paul. There is just too many questions to post, you would be reading like a novel or something! Please [private message] me. I would just REALLY appreciate it. Thanks:)

03-08-06, 11:08 PM
Welcome, urkainiangrl!

If you could post your specific Q's that would be helpful.
There are many great areas around here. It would be helpful to know more of what you're looking for, rather than to list every possibility.

St Paul and Minneapolis are very culturally diverse.

Here's a map of the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs
(there are so many suburbs in each direction that it probably wouldn't make a ton of sense if I were to explain it, plus I know I'd miss a lot and not get the direction of all of them correct)