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03-10-06, 11:17 AM
There is so much deprivation in the world that we live in today, why is it that we all feel the need to include it in our personal lives also?

The simple fact is that inorder to function proficiently there are two things that must be present in the foundation of every relationship: honesty and communication.

Whether one person feels confused, angered, hurt, proud, failure or even elation, by expressing this, you are giving inclusion to your partner, children, parents and friends. Many need and want to express and to hear these, but are trapped in the misgivings of society. Not that you expect others to feel the same, nor should you want them too... your just sharing your life... your emotions... your passion.

Some of the best aspects of life are feeling, needing, wanting and becoming a part of something bigger and greater than only yourself.

Take that as you will.

If everything in life came easy, then it would be mundane, and I believe we would get lost. Through the everyday challenges and tribulations that we face it makes us stronger and more adept to face tomorrow.