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03-10-06, 06:42 PM
I have a 6 year old son ... for the most part he a good/sweet boy but it seems like that is becoming more and more spaced out with the times he is good.

Lately he has been so hyper ... he can not sit still. He has not been able to control his emotions (his anger mainly) when he get's mad or thinks someone is messing with him he lashes out and hits without even thinking twice and even today I had a talk with his teacher and she said he just walked up to a 4th grader and hit her in the stomach and when we asked him why we get his famous answer "I don't know" The school have I have had many meetings about him and have tried everything (times out then rewards for being good), his teacher said today they are putting into anger mangment classes and I think that is great but I think there is more going on.

He has been telling his lies lately and for no good reason, he told me that someone hit him in the nose yesterday and come to find out it was a accident but he didn't say that part.

He is always coming home saying kids don't like him, he don't have friends and has even said a few times his teacher don't like him.

:( :( I don't know what to think ... I at-first just thought he was a bad kid but I know my baby is not and he can be a good boy.

I am looking to ADD
What do you think?

03-10-06, 07:16 PM
It sounds very painful for you to see this with your little guy. I'd encourage you to take him to a professional to see if ADHD or some other condition is at play. Has there been any major trauma or life change? Hope you soon find the answers you seek.


04-25-06, 09:40 AM
Hi, have you any further thoughts on whether your son may have ADHD - anything from GP - or psych ??
best wishes

04-28-06, 02:36 AM
Lately he has been so hyper

More than ADD I wonder about

Has there been any major trauma or life change?

I am very hyper however my hyper activity did not just suddenly appear! I was born a wiggle worm! I even moved a lot in the womb according to my mom, she thought she was giving birth to a foot ball player!

Although the start of school my make symptoms of ADD more noticeable it in no way causes a total temperament change!

Evaluation by a profession ASAP is the best you can do for your son. Sudden onset of any thing like what you are describing is reason to worry MOVE quickly so the source can be dealt with for his sake!

By all means please keep us posted!