View Full Version : Momentium

03-13-06, 01:43 PM
Yeah nothing like the feeling of no reward. It's one of those times where uncertinaty is lurking and the only thing you are certian on is that it's lurking. All thease possablites of what to do, who to meet, to take ,or to loose. Nothing like loosing in touch of reality did you have to begin with. What reality is whatever it creates it self as. Now that is just that a thought then leads to no progress ,yet alot of bordem.

In this moment of rest reality needs to get us going ,or people need to get it going so that the possablities presents itself instead of looking at all the wrong things. What's right to look at to begin with? Looking is just that poeintal right now it's nothing more poeintal then relizing that reality can be changed all that with a click of mouse, or a tv remote.