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03-16-06, 03:24 PM
Hello. This is my first time posting & I'm hoping for some suggestions. I've been taking Adderall XR (30mg) for around 8 to 10 months. It worked wonders in the beginning & then began to lose its effectiveness. With the cost being 120.00 a month for 30 pills, I could not afford to double the dose. My doctor put me on Concerta 54mg. I've taken this for 3 days now, & feel like I could just stay on the couch forever. My mind is totally spaced out, lazy, & just a complete fog. I have no energy or drive to do anything whatsoever. :faint: I think it must be the different chemicals & feel that a Ritalin based pill is possibly just not for me. Should I have switched to something else more similar to adderall :confused: ?? What is stronger then Adderall XR, but not in the ritalin group of meds? Also, cost IS an isssue, since I have no insurance. Thanks for your help:o !

03-16-06, 10:28 PM
Hi there,

Geez, here's the SECOND post I'm answering saying, "Sorry I can't answer your SPECIFIC questions." Sorry, really. BUT - just wanted to validate your experience. THEY ARE very different meds, aren't they? You COULD try these out for a while longer (2 weeks total), but if you are CERTAIN that you prefer the Adderall-type med, I believe that Adderal XR is THE most expensive type of that drug.

Perhaps it's possible to SEARCH this site for "Adderall XR" and "Adderall IR" to call up the post I remember reading here that talked about how the "other" Adderall (not XR)? was cheaper?? Plus, I know that Dexedrine is similar, and I believe THAT comes in a generic and can be cheaper as well. Maybe check out the Adderall Forum!

I think you can find the info you want by searching through some of the prior Adderall Threads (like 2-week-old or so). AND - YES, I felt that Concerta and Adderall gave me very different results as well.

Best of luck!


03-17-06, 03:08 AM
Hi Sue. Thanks for your help, I do honestly appreciate any advice I can get! I'm not sure I can take the Concerta any longer though. I just don't like the way my head feels on this one, not to mention the extreme lack of motivation or desire to do anything whatsoever! I am a 31 year old stay at home Mom to four kids ages 3,4,6 & 9. Sadly for them, this is the week I chose to switch meds., & they're on Spring Break! I feel like I have let them down, because I have had no energy to entertain them, or even communicate really. I had some down days with the Adderall to, but not many, but I don't remember my mind ever being this cob webbed! Anyway, thanks again for your help & I do plan to look into the Dexedrine & Adderall IR. My husband will have a fit when I ask my Dr. to write me a different script, but I don't think he will want to put up with me on this (or nothing at all) for a month either! It is so ridiculous that to be sane, a person has to spend this amount of money each month! But, I gotta do what I gotta do!! :) Best Regards, Shelly

Matt S.
03-17-06, 12:00 PM
i have to say that i have been on all 3 (back on the classic dexedrine) and i had similar negative effects with adderall and concerta those are the most popularly used these days and regardless of how well i did on dexedrine i was encouraged to unsuccessfully use the other "newer" formulas first.

03-17-06, 11:35 PM
Four children ages 3,4,6, & 9!!! OMG - I'll PRAY for you!!! (I don't care HOW PERFECT one's mental health is - FOUR LITTLE KIDS ain't no walk in the park!!! YIKES! You have my utmost respect and priority on my prayer list! ;-)